I got some results

I got an infection still but they think it’s in my legs ankles and feet. They put me on a bunch of meds for it. I also have a vitamin defiency b1and d. They do not know why yet.

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I take prescription Vit D as it was low in my blood tests.

Me too they said it could be affecting my mental health as well. Did they tell you that?

No they didn’t. But I read that vit d deficiency is bad for depression. Anyways take them as they’re essential for health, not just for mental health.

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omg @cbbrown I am so sorry !! where have you been…I should have called out to you but I kind of forgot you weren’t here?? so sorry friend…I hope it works out soon.


You get vitamin D from food and the sun. Did the docs mention that?
Doctors don’t know everything. It’s not a put down, it’s just a fact. You might want to take advantage of the internet and research vitamin D; see where a deficiency comes from and symptoms and what to do about it. I’m not saying the info your doc gave you is wrong, I’m just saying you can maybe get additional stuff about it that he might not have mentioned.

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Thanks sorry I haven’t been on much

@77nick77 thanks for the information . The d I’m not worried about the b1 is what I can’t figure out. The doctor wasn’t clear and I’ve done research now and it’s confusing as heck

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