Has anyone who's tried nicotine patches have bad reactions?

Firstly, I can only tolerate them for an hour ish. Then I have to take them off.

Secondly, I feel really bad after and smoke like 8 cigs in that day (twice what I normally do)

And then thirdly if I persist to continue using I go a little psycho.

Idk what the deal is, all I can think is that it’s messing with the nicotine receptors and my brain really doesn’t like it.


Most smokers need to start with wearing two patches at once to get enough nicotine. They can sometimes take hours to start working too after you put them on. I also get a little rashy on the skin where i placed a patch. I like to go other options like nicotine gum or mouth spray instead. I like to control when i get nicotine. At the moment im vaping though. Good luck!


ive never tried nicotine patches but used to smoke and use lozenges, gum, and currently vaping. things ive heard they say dont fall asleep with patch on as dreams will be extremely intense. also I heard some people get extreme nausea from leaving the patch on too long, as the longer its on more nicotine is released.

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Yeah I’m having trouble sleeping tonight

I’ve had that issue too

I tried the patch but could not keep it on longer than an hour. It made me itch so bad and my skin looked burned when i took it off. I preferred the gum but ultimately what worked was switching to vaping.