Has anyone tried a no sugar diet for weight loss?

I started a very low sugar diet last week, and the weight is flying off, 1.9 kilos (4.18 pound drop)

I keep the carbs up, plenty of oats + brown rice + sweet potato but the sugar close to zero as possible.

The only sugar I have is in (the lactose in the dairy) half a litre of milk a day + low fat yoghurt

One thing I noticed is that I don’t feel hungry.

I think I may be onto something here because antipsychotics interfere with glucose metabolism, and that is why they make you gain weight.

Wondered if anyone has had success or failure with a plan like this.


i’ve lost half a stone simply by cutting out sugar from my coffee…yeah, i drink a lot of the stuff. ur body needs some sugar though so don’t cut it out completely. i still have sugar on my breakfast but that’s it, or i get it from fruit.

it’s not the anti psychotic that makes u gain weight, it’s the fact that it makes u eat more and usually crap too.

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My total sugar intake is under 40g per day (from lactose) and vetables, so not 0.

I have never heard that the body needs sugar.

I can’t live without sugar,I take moderate sugar daily…and I exercise almost 2hr a day to keep fit and healthy

I dont take in any sugar, but you have to watch out for the foods you mentioned, the high carb stuff - it is all converted to sugar in the body

Ive had success with that, a zero sugar diet is the way to go, sugar as a by product is ok, as you say in yogurt but rule it out every other way.

Btw, Congrats on ur weight loss

Thanks karl,

I am actually blown away how fast the weight is melting off.

I have gone on weight loss programs before but nothing has worked this well.

I hope I can stick to it, that’s all.

I try to avoid pastry . I lost a lot of weight by eating a lot of raw vegetables. I am at my optimum wight, and still loosing weight, i will never give up raw veggies, it reduces the side effects of med, gives me energy and my symptoms are improving day by day, and i have reduced my med. i think if i go all raw veggies and fruits i wont need my psych med, but due to my sever insomnia i wont be able to sleep by being only on raw.