If i eat more than 1500 calories a day i gain weight

Thanks to my antipsychotic. Im on a really low dose now and still have this problem. I really watch what i eat. I dont eat sugar, dont drink sweet drinks avoid fat i only eat what i know it wont´make me fat and still i cant eat more than 1500 calories a day or ill get fat.

I remember before meds i ate like a king and drank often and my weight stayed the same :confused:
I never eat so that i feel full now only so much that i dont feel hungry but many times my meals are so small that i feel kind of hungry even after a meal. Im so disappointed about this.

What about you how much calories do you eat/drink a day?


Most of my fat shows around my tum I hate it
I try to eat healthy but I allow myself butter because I don’t think it’ll do me much harm
I also walk every morning. I just don’t eat loads crisps, chocolate, cakes only sometimes as a treat
Before I could also eat anything and be slim

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Yeah as i said i eat 1500 calories a day, i watch what i eat i work 4 shifts and i cycle at least 2 hours a day 2-3 times a week and im lucky if my weight goes down. Like 0.3 kg a week. If i dont excercise and eat 1500 calories a day my weight stays the same. If i eat more than 1500 i gain weight.

At least we are trying to keep things under control and prevent weight gain. Some people don’t try and end up way overweight and gain terrible health issues regarding being overweight. I manage to stay pretty stable.

If you are gaining more weight then limit your carbs even more - this is what I do.

I am pretty sure that I consume less than 1000 calories a day plus I walk at least an hour everyday.

I have lost over 35 lbs over a span of a year or so


Yeah we are trying. Im not overweight luckily. I do have some fat around my belly, that is why i would like to loose weight. I weight 80 kilos. But id like to go down to 75. But it is very hard.

I could loose weight by cutting out bread with butter but I think wholemeal is healthy and only 2slices a day will do me good. I have hot chocolate made on milk every day and again I think it’s healthy good for bones and teeth. I don’t eat much red meat and usually it’s chicken and vegis
Sometimes I have pasta or jacket potato with side salad
I think I do ok

Wave i dont eat much carbs. And 1000 calories is not enaugh for me. Remember i work 4 shifts.
But yeah you should be proud of yourself for loosing that much weight :wink:
I say keep doing what you are doing, its not healthy to be overweight.

I was wondering a few days back how does your day look like wave. What do you eat throughout a day? Can you give me examples for a few typical days? :slight_smile:
All i know is that you are on a low carb diet.
Just being curious, respect :wink:

I eat 3000 cal a day. I am really muscular though. I exercise like I’m insane.

Yeah you are a ■■■■■■■ machine mortimermouse, i figured that out a long time ago :smile:

Sure @Mmister - When I say low carb, I mean that I will eat some veggies like spinach or green beans, but for the most part I eat lean chicken or cold water fish like Salmon - lean animal protein.

I sometimes cheat and will have some whole wheat pasta like once a month or so.

Beans are good because they are high protein high fiber.

I also drink plenty of water - no soda or juices for me

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Sounds good, nice diet. Lean chicken, vegetables and not a lot of pasta. I eat similar. I like meat also and it doesnt get me fat. Lean meat is also very healthy! I like whole wheat pasta also but i dont eat them much because it gets me fat. Its a perfect meal before excercise though. I used to eat pasta before meds before i went cycling it gave me huge amount of strenght i could cycle for hours :slight_smile:

Do you eat meat everyday wave?

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I really dont eat red meat - just lots of lean chicken and sometimes fish, also Kidney Beans pretty often.

I eat what I want, just not as much as I want, ans as long as I walk regularly- 4+ times a week, even if only around the block, my weight stays down.

When I stop walking, the weight creeps on no matter how little I eat.

Getting older makes it harder to keep it off too, I find I have to more and more exercise and eat less each passing year just to keep my weight the same.

Why dont you eat red meat? You dont like it or do you think it is unhealthy?

I eat lean meat of pork, beef, turkey and chicken. And fish. I used to eat a lot of fatty meat and canned meat. Got my blood checked and my cholesterol is a bit higher than it shoud be. So i dumped fatty meat and canned meat and now i eat lean meat regularly and fish. And i replaced canned meat with fish and tuna. Lot of fat in canned meat. I only eat canned food at work i dont know what else to eat.

So goodbye fatty meat, canned meat, sausages and hot dogs and hello lean meat and fish and tuna. Hopefully this will lower my cholesterol.

Do you use any tricks to stay within the 1500 calorie limit? Other than eating a lot of meat?

both …

Oh i always loved meat. I belive its healthy, read many articles saying so. When i dont eat meat i feel depressed and weak.
How is your cholesterol? :smile:

My cholesterol is not bad (normal) my bad cholesterol is pretty bad

I count the calories. And i dont eat only meat :slight_smile: