Has anyone quit caffeine?

Im stopping from tomortow, as i cant control myself and over-indulge coffee too much until i become paranoid and have a panic attack, has anyone else quit caffeine successfully?


I reduced my intake to 1 big cup/day. I only drink it to prevent napping during the day. If I can not nap during the day without it I would.

cant im stimulant junkie, i cant quit if life dependent on it.

I quit caffeine about a month a go. I just didn’t have it in the house and I switched to decaff.

The withdrawals were worse than I expected and lasted about 2 weeks.

But now I have no problem getting up early. My anxiety had been greatly reduced and I have more energy and am able to deal with stress much better.

Giving it up was the best thing I’ve done in years.


Medium to large amounts of caffeine makes my heart race so I only consume small amounts from coca cola. I love my pop lol

I quit for a few months. I prefer having caffeine so I have it again

Being at home for lockdown has meant my coffee intake has shot up. I got worried reading about someone who overdosed on caffeine and died as a result. I now switch from caffeinated to decaff after 5pm and I sleep a lot better.

It doesn’t seem to do anything for me anyway, except to jump start my colon in the morning.

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Not completely. I used to drink a pot of coffee a day. Now it’s just one or two diet sodas and maybe one cup of coffee.

I wish. For now, I drink like one soda a day. I’ve found that not as bad as nicotine.

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I used to smoke myself.

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Haha my brother drinks dark coffee bcz he’s always constipated lol

I quit caffeine many, many years ago. Don’t know how many though.


I enjoy caffeine too much to quit. Although I often drink too much and feel some minor side effects like being over excited. I drink coffee, tea, and coke.

i call myself trying to quit on a weekly basis, but when the headache starts coming i get like “well its just a soda, coffee, or energy drink” than 3 energy drinks later i am thinking ah i didnt need to drink that many, one was more than enough as i dont get much benefit from caffeine anymore, even when i first started drinking them they didnt give me energy but for some odd reason sort of relaxed my mind in a way (maybe something to do with the taurine and b vitamins in addition to caffeine)

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Yes, Caffeine tended to make me lose my cool hours after drinking it and I decided to quit it over a period of years. I thought when I started taking trileptal that I could take it again but found to my disappointment I couldn’t. If I know I am about to die some day I’ll get me a huge amount of chocolate and soda and eat and drink it with a smile. Otherwise I won’t.

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I drink coke but don’t really feel anything

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I quit caffeine some years ago @Newlyborn. I had massive headaches for 4 or 5 days. If I have caffeine, now, I have a panic attack.

You can do it!!!


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