Has anyone never touched drugs?

Is there anyone here with SZ that has never touched a drug especially before the onset or even after? I used weed before depression and everything hit me. But has anyone completed stayed away and still has gotten it. Just curious. And by drugs i don’t include caffeine sugar or nicotine, i mean pot and up. Or anything that causes temporary mental change like anything psychoactive legal illegal.

My drugs were alcohol and morphine. Legal stuff. Got morphine prescribed but over used it.

Was that before or after it set in

My drugs are my wife and two daughters.

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I did a lot of drugs. Been sober for over a year now.

I did a lot of ephedrine - just the drug ingredient by itself not refined into methamphetamine. It was legal. They sold it over the counter in these little bottles, and it went by the name “mini-thins”. I didn’t really get too high on it, but I needed it to feel normal after a while. For a period of about two or three years the first thing I would do when I woke up in the morning was drink a whole pot of coffee and take forty mini-thins.

Before. Stopped both while psychotic. I had an idea that they were making me sick. It did not help to stop them.

But I’m glad I stopped today. Don’t miss alcohol at all. Miss morphine sometimes.

met someone while hospitalized who was sz and never touched drugs. I spoke to him a few times but intentionally stayed away from him-- thinking I was a bad influence.

My aunt did, she grew up super mormon.
They don’t even allow caffeine.
Got sz in her late 20s.

had some morphine shots (3 i believe) while in hospital at 15. smoked weed when 16. didnt have any drugs since then. got my sz on my 23rd birthday. so i was “clean” since 16 for 7 years. morphine was quite an experience though.

I am 48 years old and I have never used any drugs. As a matter of fact I have never even seen any, although during my journeys in the past some people may have offered some such as marijuana in Montego Bay, Jamaica, but I declined. In a way I have lived in a very protected life and avoided all those common mistakes. Even when I lived in my auto in America over two years, I never saw any drugs, not even marijuana in Miami or elsewhere. I suppose I am blessed.

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weed wasnt that great anyway. its kind of fun to watch tv or to listen to music when high but it makes you stupid as hell and makes you eat garbage because you crave sweets. atleast thats how it was for me.

I drank alcohol, and got drunk a few times at the age of 12. Never did anything else, and stopped drinking by 13, when the hallucinations, etc. started. I was a “born again” Christian, and I think that saved me from drinking or doing any drugs. My hallucinations were petty extreme. Without really knowing what was going on, because it seemed natural but shameful, that I would be attacked and tormented by demons, I actually joked to others that I didn’t need drugs. Visually, everything seemed in HD to me, and I had experiences spiritually/psychologically that seemed pretty on par with drug induced experiences. I avoided drugs, not just as a moral decision , but because I knew my mind was already altered. I continue to avoid drugs, incuding the prescribed variety, because I think my mind couldn’t handle them.

I have never used drugs and I still got sza. My dad also has sza and he smokes a lot of pot and drink alcohol like you wouldn’t believe before and after onset.