Never done drugs

I know a LOT of people with schizo and bipolar have done drugs. Are there many who have not?? And don’t smoke either??

I"m one of them. I don’t smoke and never have and i’ve never done drugs at all. But it seems like there isn’t many that haven’t.

I haven’t done drugs, either.

I don’t know the figures on how many people with schizophrenia have not done drugs.

Never done drugs or smoked. Maybe if i had a circle of friends and peer group pressure it might have been different . Never knew the people who knew where to get the drugs from.
Only thing i tried very briefly was cough medicine as an older patient said it gave you a buzz but it did nothing for me.

Congratulations on never doing drugs. I would like not to smoke cigarettes anymore and I no longer drink alcohol. I just stopped enjoying it.

Do you or have you ever smoked on a normal basis?? Hope you don’t mind my asking. :slight_smile:

That’s kind of the same for me. I didn’t have the social groups that were involved in it. I was offered to smoke pot once and i declined.

I never smoked. I drank a little in my early twenties, but never developed a taste for alcohol.

I never smoked, drank alcohol, or smoked a cigarette…but I accidentally got drunk twice when I was a baby lol.

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I got called a snob on an hourly basis at the activity center for not going outside for a smoke. Why don’t people like others for not drinking,smoking, doing drugs?

glad you didn’t. because it makes them feel like there doing something wrong if you don’t want to participate.