Has anyone had their brain scanned?

Not those listed on wikipedia. For example, read this:

But this research is still in the early stages. I’m not sure how it can help you get a customized treatment.

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Thanks for the link, it’s at least good to know they are still trying to develop something like that, instead of just crapshooting under a big umbrella. So yeah I guess it doesn’t like there is any objective test I could try to get, at least not right now in history, if they are still working on it, looks like. Thanks again for the link anyway, though, it’s still cool to know they haven’t given up.

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I had a CAT scan on my brain just after being hospitalised, I think the point of it was just to check for a tumor, they say if you have a brain tumor it can cause the same symptoms of schizophrenia, hope that helps :slight_smile:

No telling how good this testing is. There might be differing opinions on it. I wish they could scan my brain and say, “Oh, there is what his problem is. We can fix that.” Not likely to happen.


I have not been scanned, but years ago I had voices telling me that a microchip has been inserted in my brain and that they would discover it if my brain was scanned. I do not believe this and it was just those voices. Have not had similar voices lately.

Same here. I’m the only one in my family who got schizophrenia. My parents, uncles, grandparents and cousins are/were perfectly healthy. My childhood was happy, my teen years quiet and uneventful, then as a young adult I was able to study and work. But yes I’ve always been sensitive to stress and most likely it has had a decisive say in the development of my illness…


i had x-rays taken on my head when 14 years old.
i had headaches for over a week and a half…i was pretty ill.
they did not find anything…
recently i found out thanks to a neurologist i had a stroke at 14…yeah for me !?! :imp:
take care :alien:

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I think you’re saying they CAN diagnose SZ with MRI. ??

I don’t think it’s as fast and easy as what you’re hoping for. In my experience it take several appointments just to get a diagnosis and even then doctors will disagree. In the meantime the doctors will treat the symptoms such as psychosis with an antipsychotic or anxiety with an antianxiety medicine. But yeah I wish they could just scan the brain and fix it but no such luck.

This is just my impression, not backed by any facts I can point to, but my impression was that the brains of people with sz tended towards certain features - more white matter in some areas, comparatively smaller structures in others - but that these patterns revealed themselves over large sample sizes. I thought that judging a single imaged brain wasn’t particularly meaningful.

An analogy would be the average height of women in Japan being 5’2", while in the US it’s 5’5". It’s not possible to look at a woman’s height, though, and determine which country she’s from.

I could be mistaken, however.


I had three CT scans one MRI and two EEG’s and they could not fiend anything wrong with my brain. So they don’t know why I hear voices.

I got an MRI done almost 4 years ago. It was clean.

Since I’ve had MS I’ve had several MRIs. After they found it I had to tell an ER doc, no CT only MRI shows ms. But it doesn’t really correlate with how you’re feeling so what’s the point I now refuse them.

Yea you can see MS stuff but they can’t see sz stuff.

I did have a f-MRI at NIH years ago.
I think it proves nothing.

I recently had an mri scan and an eeg done but I forgot to ask them if they had any obvious signs of SZ in them. I wonder if I can still access them?

I participated In a university study and they did a MRI, to see which parts of my brain were active when they showed me various picture of faces. here is a pic from the scan

I have had two MRIs and have asked after each one. They don’t scan for that.

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Cat scan and EEG. Think I’m still picking that crap they put in your hair out of my scull and that was like 1989.

I have never had this done, and I don’t know what the reputation of this particular clinic is, but I think if you wanted to know specific to sz or other mental illness you’d have to get the scan done by someone who specialized in the area.

You could post this in the selfie thread @Mountainman :grin:


yeah I have had my brain scanned and they found nothing either time. the first time was to figure out why I kept getting really bad headaches and the second was after a concussion from a car accident that damaged my back too.