Has anyone ever quit smoking while on APs and had all their symptoms go away?

I quit smoking for 3 days while on APs (at least I think I was on APs) and soon after my last cigarette I was having no more stressful thoughts, hallucinations, etc; I just experiencedsome anxiety and boredom. Could it be that I’m not sz?


Then again I wasn’t really focusing on my thoughts…maybe the delusions were still there.

Also, I was in a quite peaceful environment.

I quit smoking three weeks ago and haven’t noticed any difference in mental symptoms. But then my psychosis is kept mostly in check by my meds.

What you experienced was probably unrelated to quitting smoking.

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I think it was related to smoking, but I’m still trying to convince myself I’m sz and trying to stay on APs.
Thanks for your concern.

I’ve only had my anxiety and irritability go up when I try to give up nicotine. I think that’s why the H gives us nicotine replacement products.

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I had the same experience as you had. there was a quiet month after quitting smoking. no hallucination and peaceful feeling.
you took a good decision in quitting smoking. congratulation :clap::clap:

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Ty! It was a very validating experience, reading your post.

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afterwards I reduced my meds dosage and now I don’t have restlessness anymore.

I did not become symptom free after quitting smoking, but almost immediately when I was at work taking a break, I noticed my meds were working way better because I kept falling asleep during break time :smiley: Regardless of whether you’re sz or not, nicotine causes too many health issues to be worth it in the long run. You made a good decision.

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Nicotine is a drug that can affect the binding of other drugs. Could have been it was interfering with your AP and not letting it work properly, and quitting let the AP do its job like it was meant to. It is highly highly unlikely tobacco was causing the psychosis. If you’re talking marijuana that’s more plausible.

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