Nicotine withdrawal psychosis

Has anybody had psychosis after quitting smoking ?

well, personally I didn’t have any when I wasn’t smoking for some time, however some research has been done which proved that smoking makes SZ’s feel better and that it has some positive impact on mental health. Perhaps, do you use any additional suplements to help you quit? Some of them have some bad side effects when you have mental issues.

I think I am ready to quit smoking but have fear of relapsing because 3 years ago when I quit smoking, I had a relapse then went back to smoking after a year. Now I am ready to quit. especially because winter is on it’s way and I pay 11$ for each pack.

I wish you luck :slight_smile: I would also like to quit finally. I’ve been smoking half of my life and I think it’s time to do it, but in the end I always fail… Damn, how I hate this bad habbit…

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Were you on meds when you quit and had your relapse? Some meds need to be adjusted when you stop/start smoking.

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yeah I was on Abilify at that time and had an intense relapse. I was hospitalized.
Now I wanna quit again before christmas, especially because I am on Wellbutrin so it is a good idea.

I just have a full time job so kinda worried of another relapse.

Yep. It’s possible

Abilify isn’t one of the ones affected by tobacco apparently, so it could just have been a coincidence that you gave up and relapsed.

Good luck giving up.

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huh, I’ve never heard of psychosis related to stopping smoking? I’m on day 6 and feeling strong. Good luck.

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