Anybody have psychosis after quitting smoking

My psychosis got worse after quitting smoking. I took chantix & once I quit taking chantix and had stopped smoking, I started hearing more voices. Also, has anyone had a year long episode of psychosis end without a med change?

Welcome to the forum! I still smoke so I can’t answer your question. Hopefully you will get some answers soon. Just wanted to welcome you to the forum and give you a “bump” up the board.

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I quit vaping nicotine 40mg/mL (Stronger than tobacco) many times for up to a year since 2012, it didn’t affect my psychosis.

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It could be that, ask your Dr. Only info online I found is that it might cause depression, difficulty sleeping, hedaches and nightmares.

I stopped smoking and started dipping chewing tobacco, that’s seemed to help a lot honestly, if u can stand it you might try it

I went through a small psychosis with quitting cigs and vaping. I still crave but I put my mind to something else. Hang on there.


After i quit smoke i didn t psychosis but i got relapse.i thought my wife is a agent who wants to imprison me in australia.after that i returned my home country and start ap s

How long did the psychosis last?

A month. I was struggling to quit vaping. They x rayed my lungs and found non cancerous 3mm cysts. I check again in a year.

I’m sorry to hear that! Did u do a med change or increase or did it just go away by itself after a month?

Go for sweedish snuss. It’s a little tea pack you put under your overlipe. Then you let it release the nicotine tobacco in a period of one hour. Snuss is not like chewing tobacco it’s much cleaner. Beside of that it’s much cheaper than cigarettes.

A coworker of mine had psychosis after using Chantix. I don’t know how long his episode lasted.

I had quit alcohol(10 years till present) and smoke(6 years), In this span of 6 years was very productive life even though some symptoms, but was not so severe.

I had a relapse when switched from risperidone to ability and we went into a hard lockdown and tabacco was banned. Pdoc said quitting is stressful and more so for schizophrenic but can’t cause relapse. They actually use lower doses on non smoker than smokers and cut doses by 50percent usually after you quit smoking. I started smoking again when relapsed. Chantix can cause psychosis my psychiatrist won’t prescribe that for me.