Would this be indicative of a more long term psychosis disorder like sz

that i had symptoms almost come back while on meds after consuming THC. everytime ive stopped meds my symptoms dont come back but a couple times when i was on meds the thc made me feel kinda odd. my pdoc diagnosed me with brief psychotic disorder (which is fully recoverable from and doesnt require extended treatment) a couple years ago but i stopped seeing them and my new np said it was sza since ive been on meds for so long and also my brother has sza also (although his is much more severe compared to what i may have)

i do ok off meds but i always end up going back on them because i am unsure of what i really have and if i still need meds or not

a lot of szs are very sensitive to weed. They say that it could even lower the efficacy of meds working. Meaning your meds probably stopped doing their job fully when you took the thc. Which could’ve been what even made you psychotic if not the thc reaction itself also maybe. I’m not 100% sure. But judging by much of the literature this sounds about right. Stay away from thc and take your meds you don’t have mental health issues?? . Just wondering /clarifying

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i had psychosis (24-7 external auditory hallucinations and many other symptoms) but for the past couple years not much symptoms, until i took klonopin for a bit then i had bad withdrawal that messed up my emotional stability, now i feel ive recovered but wonder if i even need the ap anymore as my original diagnosis was brief psychotic disorder

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Good luck @cigarino i hope you don’t need it. Talk to your pdoc though

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