Has anyone ever felt poisoned?

Sometimes I can’t eat because I believe someone is trying to poison me. They even tell me they poisoned my food I always end up throwing it away. I have many people after me. I feel so brain dead because of this.

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Are you still on clozaril?

Yes 1515151515l

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Nobody’s trying to poison you.

Is your psychiatrist aware you’re having as rough a time as this?

How long have you been on clozaril if you don’t mind me asking? Have you been on it long or have you just started?

I have been taking clozaril for 5 years about but am not sure.

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when I first got hospitalized I felt like I was being poisoned by my parents. I made someone else try the food before I ate it just in case. I even tasted the poison that tasted like bug spray.


well I think you need your meds adjusted or changed if you are this unstable…please make an appt. to see your psychiatrist.

Sorry about that @cbbrown, I feel that the government is trying to poison me because of the thoughts in my brain. I have very intrusive voices and images.

You sound like you’re in distress though. I’m not a doctor so I can’t give you advice on what to do. But you need to let your psychiatrist know if things are getting worse for you. They might not know if you haven’t told them.

It might be time to adjust your meds.

This is a common paranoid delusion of mine.
I called 911 because I had thought that a family member had poisoned me.
They sent me to the ER and from there they sent me to the looney bin.

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I would often go without eating, because I thought the cooks were putting demonic energy in the food

Yea this has happened to me. I ran around like a madman getting all kinds of cat scans and ultrasounds on my heart because I thought the government gave me some scary stuff.
I would order food from one restaurant and then go to another one to try to shake the government off my tail. I did lose a lot of weight but it was aweful

Hope you feel better soon and can enjoy food and drink .

Last time I was hospitalised I was thinking thoughts about the water being poisoned and wondered why no one spoke of it and I do not watch news.

I was dehydrated when I got to hospital because I was not drinking properly.

I have had such or similar thoughts but don’t anymore.

I am so thankful and grateful for our beautiful food and drink.:heart:️:pray:t3:

I travel a lot for work and am high functioning and I often felt I was being poisoned especially because the cultural difference being served the food the people would laugh and it seemed very evil

I was so miserable one time I had to ask my (ex) husband if he was poisoning me, then when he wouldn’t answer me, I told him I hoped he did- then I ate every bit of it right in front of him.
Disappointed when I woke up the next morning.

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I am lucky I never feel my wife would poison me…

See, I’m sorry the clozaril doesn’t seem to be doing it for you. Maybe you can ask your doc about a different dose, polypharmacy, or ECT, tDCS, something like that.

But, I felt poisoned earlier this week. The thought went away though after I was able to realize I just had a cold. I bounced it off the kind folks here though.

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I even get poisoned at Lee’s sandwiches, Mc Donalds, Jackin the box, a chinese restaurant I go to what am I supposed to do?

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I was at a hospital and I thought I was poisoned cause my hands turned green. I was so freaked out I made my wife take me to another hospital to be tested but I just ended up in psych ward. To this day I don’t know if I was hallucinating the green or there was a reason for it, it looked very real, all the veins were green. Anyways the poisoning thing is really annoying to be worried about. Don’t take it to the psych ward, they won’t test you there

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If you do get food poisoning then save the rest of your food, as you’ll be sick before your done. And call a lawyer to sue. But you better be sick from both ends and go to the hospital for an IV of fluids because you’re so dehydrated. That’s what happened to me at McDonald’s one time. But I didn’t save the food for testing

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