Paranoia - "I've been poisoned"

Lately, I’ve been having paranoia over being poisoned.
It’s weird, I’ve never had that before, but these past few days, I’ll eat or drink something that doesn’t seem normal, maybe it’s too old, maybe the glass wasn’t cleaned properly, stuff like that, and suddenly this voice in my head goes “you’ve been poisoned” or “you’re going to get food poisoning and die”, and I’ll get really scared.

I know it’s not real, so I can manage it, but part of me still thinks the voice could be partially right.
I’ve had food poisoning from old foods before.

How do I deal with this?

And yes, I’ll definitely be telling my pdoc about it.


Hi @Berru sorry about that =(

You can also remind yourself that nothing dangerous will happen, even if you get food poisoning. And do not eat anything raw for a while + make sure you cook your own food at least? and BTW it is a delusion.

I used to think my mother was poisoning me to make me ill so she could somehow benefit from it lol.

Nah eat all the garbage you want, raw, un cooked, you can’t get sick thru your stomach unless your poisoned it’s all ears and nose. Build up your tolerance eating sketchy stuff and you won’t have to worry. Dirt won’t kill you. Not sure if this helps

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I strangely understand this hahaha

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I have hallucinations of being poisoned that my provider quickly puts to rest. I think it stems from an incident years ago when I took an overdose of meds and really did attempt to poison myself. I also ate some poisonous berries. So it’s more like a bad memory.

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