Being poisoned again

My mom is drugging my food with antipsychotics… not the ones that I use but clozapine instead
no wonder i feel so overmedicated

How so? Clozapine cannot be prescribed without regular blood tests…

they took a blood test

i was like why but maybe its because of this

i dont have sz just psychosis and this aint a delusion

Well if its real that means the Dr prescribed Clozapine bcz Abilify did not work. Good luck and hope that Clozapine works.

the dr didnt tell me anything about prescribing clozapine though?? :frowning: and why would it be in my food anyway

My parents put Abilify in my food and drinks. Its bcz I was refusing meds and its for my own good.

This sounds like a delusion.

but im not refusing meds? im taking them like a good girl should :frowning:

Then its a delusion. How are you sure they put Clozapine? Did you see the bottle?

i didnt but i feel really sick and overmedicated and just think its clozapine

Its the Abilify dose increase, not Clozapine.
Give it time.

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If you didn’t think it was a delusion,

You wouldn’t be telling us,

You’d be calling poison control.

Why do you keep asking us questions and refusing the answers?

can you stop bullying me? i do not think its a delusion and there is nothing much i could do, my mom would kill me if i called anyone about this

You keep asking us questions then refusing the answers.

I don’t understand why you do this.

We’re all just trying to help and you’re the one being combative.

im not refusing the answers dont judge if you dont understand

I’m not judging,

I’m annoyed.

I’ve been in psychosis too,

And at your age.

We’ve all been trying to help for days and you’ve been snippy with us.

I don’t appreciate that.

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I’m done of being called deluded for having TRUE BELIEFS

What did you think was going to happen on a forum for people with psychosis?

I thought people recognize this isn’t false