All my food tastes like poison today

I’m getting so hungry but everything I try to eat tastes gross. Maybe like insect repellent? It’s so annoying…

This sounds like my worst night mare, I loveeee food

I once thought they were messing with my food, threw it all out and would only eat at random places I pulled into before anyone could get to it, I threw the fridge out the back door

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I threw a prepackaged waffle across the room today. It might have been my fridge if I was stronger. Lol I will only eat out at certain places and even then I usually can’t eat more than a few bites before tasting something “off” and losing my appetite.

I know how that feels

When I was first in hospital, I refused to eat because I thought they were poisoning my food, it was so bad that another patient picked up on me not eating and stopped eating themselves! I felt so guilty afterwards!

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Yeah, over the years I have thrown hundreds of dollars worth of good food away

It’s awful. I do too! Drinks taste okay though, thankfully, so I guess it’s a liquid diet until it stops.

It’s not the same, but whenever I eat out I worry that they’ve put something gross in my food.
When I was in the psych ward, there was a patient there who was utterly convinced that they tried to poison us through our food. I’m not sure if it’s any help, but I’m just going to tell you anyway. No one is poisoning your food. The chance of that happening is microscopic.

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I have as well. I’m sorry you deal with it too…

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Once on meds I realized no one was messing with my food, but I lived for a very long time not knowing I had sz, thought everything was really happening

The logical side of me knows you’re right, but it’s so hard to quiet the voice saying “but what if it is?” Then it escalates from there into a nearly inescapable pit of circular reasoning. But your input is reassuring.

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You should make yourself an extra special milkshake with a blender, your favourite chocolate bar(broken up into bits) and some ice cream and milk!

Mmmm thats a great suggestion! It sounds so tasty. I’m just afraid of amping myself up with what should be something delicious only to have to throw it away. I’ll definitely try it tomorrow!

I get a large portion of my diet from the freezer at the Dollar Tree. I always like it at first, but sometimes it starts to taste repugnant to me. I buy my food for ease of preparation and basic good taste. It so happens that a lot of the food I buy fits these prerequisites. I buy the cheapest frozen pizzas at Wal Mart, and they taste better to me than a lot of the more expensive frozen pizzas. Sometimes I wish for a home cooked meal, but not very often.

Aww I hope your taste buds go back to normal so you can fully appreciate it! :heart_eyes: My favourite thing to do!

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I used to have so many of the moments with everything drove myself to the verge of insanity

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Prob. The most frightening and inconvenient delusion you can have. I’ve had that too. I would wash stuff off before eating it. Or take a bite and think I was dying.

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back when mom made all the food I ate, I thought she would try to poison me when I angered her.

That voice chimes in way too often about so many different things. It is maddening sometimes.