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Has anybody quit coffee ? Did it make a difference?


I’m beginning to wonder if coffee is having an adverse effect. I only take 2-3 cups of instant a day. But a few days ago I didn’t have any coffee at all and spent most of the day in bed. I felt exhausted. So I wonder is coffee stressing my system.


I really limit my caffeine intake lately. Well today I had like three cups but I was having 1/2 a cup a day for a while, still do sometimes. I feel better, but I feel it is a beneficial drink to have a little of!!! it doesn’t hurt to have a cup or 2!!


Sometimes it gives me anxiety or exacerbates symptoms. So I take a break from it. Right now I need it though. It gives me energy.


After I started on Invega, coffee seems to worsen my symptoms. It makes me nervous and jittery, and makes my thoughts race.

Before Invega, all it did was perk me up, and I’d have a cup every day before school.


Sure I read that coffee releases cortisol which is like a stress hormone or something.


I cut back from about 4 cups to 2,

Didn’t notice much symptom wise,

However, I do get to sleep much easier.


Well I drink tea and coffee only when go out
Tea is not something I have any desire to give up
I MUST have my morning cuppa especially


When I first started drinking coffee if I didn’t get it I would sleep a lot. I’ve drank a lot of coffee for a long time. I finally decided it would be cheaper and easier just to take caffeine pills. It seems like my mood is dependent on caffeine. If I don’t get it the world looks grey.


I had to quit, I started drinking it to give me a energy boost, but my body totally rejected it.


Caffeine pills would do nothing for me I enjoy the actual drink


I drink two cups of coffee in the morning (500 mg of Seroquel at bedtime).

@everhopeful , do you take L-theanine with your coffee?


Cortisol is a hormone that increases weight in women


Coffee increases my anxiety


I think it is a stress hormone which your body produces under stress. In evolutionary terms it is the bodies protective mechanism to promote weight retention when under stress. It also does other things.



Yes it is a stress hormone. That’s why women gain weight sometimes. We are stressed


I don’t drink coffee or any caffeine as a rule because I need so much to give me energy when I could just cultivate the energy naturally without burning out.


Yes I take both at the same time more or less.


I noticed coffee was making my anxiety worse so I quit for awhile but then felt kind of blah. So now I just limit the amount. I kind of take my time and pay attention to how I feel. If I feel blah I’ll have some coffee, if I feel anxious I won’t.