Hard to describe feeling/mind state

I have been having this unusual perspective or feeling lately that I will try to describe.

It feels like I am just partially in the cockpit of my life sometimes, like I am only halfway attentive and otherwise hazed out. I can’t tell if this is a focus issue that I am experiencing for the first time or if it’s some different mind state. It isn’t really that much like a dissociation but it is like somewhat of a disconnect.

It sort of seems like it’s an issue with being in the ‘here and now’ which suggests to me that it is some kind of issue processing my reality. It is so hard to describe though and when it happens it’s pretty hard to put it into words.

Does anyone have any idea what I am talking about? Do any of you get weird mind states where you don’t feel normal? Please try to describe what they are like if you can.


I’m sure that all has happened to me too. My mind goes into some very weird mind states all the time. I often wish I could replace this basketcase me, with the real me one day. But, there is this ultra insane me in another demension that seems to be in control of things.

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I’m not sure what you mean. Is it like your head feels separated from your emotions kinda? I’m getting that lately. I also get this weird sensation like when you’re watching someone do something and you know it’s stupid but you have to let them figure it out for themselves anyway to get to the next step. It’s kinda a electric feeling in your head, idk. Do you feel something physical or mental?

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No it doesn’t quite feel electric to me, sort of dulled down, I guess I have a hard time deciding if it’s physical or mental. I feel like my thoughts are separate from the moment if that makes sense.

It isn’t happening to me today yet though which is ok, I’m not sure if it’s positive symptoms that I am barely registering or what it is, I only have negative symptoms since medication to my knowledge.

It plays a role in how I concentrate though, it makes my attention a bit derailed.

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I know exactly what you are experiencing, sometimes for me, it turns into catatonia (where I can’t move or think about what to do next.) I just can’t register things. On my good days, I get what you experience, it’s been part of a normal experience for me now BUT last Saturday I started taking a supplement called Active Mind. It worked like I seeing everything from a new light, noticing everything around me. Totally attentive. First amazing feeling I’ve had in 10yrs, the 10yrs everything declined with the awareness to my environment. I feel like that active mind stuff was speeding me up although it enhancee cognitively, I got major headaches and didn’t even ask my pdoc about it so I stopped taking it. Now my bf is back to repeating himself, although now I’m used to this feeling after realizing the latter is worse

Just so you know I sympathize and your not alone

To me its like half way there or half way away from something possibly bad. Half asleep or you may be distracted from your present reality but not quite any place. Present reality now can be highly boring but no place else to go. Just get up and walk around the room for a moment, change the channel, write to someone, or go on the porch. The mind will click again. Hopefully!

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I just posted that I’m not very observant of my environment because I’m in my own head. Does that sound similar?

I am having a hard time defining how this feels, it has been happening all this past week, I am trying to look up in depth descriptions of schizophrenia symptoms so I can put a name on this experience, I guess it’s a disconnect from reality but that doesn’t quite sound like a right fit.

I went back and re-read my posts here and I said disconnect a lot. Could it be as simple as a disconnect from reality where I still know what’s going on but it’s a bit weird? Hell if I know, all I know is I am going to exhaust all possibilities of explaining this feeling/mind state/experience .

I have been reading into derealization and think that may be what I am trying to put a name to, I don’t 100 percent feel confident that that is what it is but it’s some derealization and disconnect from reality feeling.

I should go to bed now. I really want to figure this out though but even if I get a name and descriptions of it out it won’t change the fact that it is happening to me.

Schizophrenia is so annoying.

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