Hallucinations that are new to me


Hello friends,

I’ve been having new types of hallucinations lately. I have never had these before- or I don’t remember if I ever had these new hallucinations.

I’m starting to hallucinate when I’m closing my eyes, seeing shapes of people, figures, etc. I’m also smelling weird smells that I don’t know where they are coming from. I’ve looked everywhere to find the source, but I couldn’t find it.

These hallucinations are not as severe as the auditory/visual ones for me, but they are distressing enough.

Does anyone else experience this?

Sending you all love.


I live in building and air from inside building is going through my house to windows.I sense a different things,and it’s like I’m hallucinating.But also for me is hard period this month,I hear a lot of voices,feeling someone controling my moves and today voices I heard had voices of the people I know etc.You are not alone in this,but we must cope.Love for you.


Yeah I have these hallucinations too when I close my eyes I see skulls and ghastly images. But I don’t have olfactory ones like you do.


It’s actually normal to see images with your eyes closed when you’re exhausted and going to sleep


Yes, I’ve had these. They are hallucinations like any other. See your pdoc about them.


I have the same.
When I close my eyes, I usually see vivid and complex images and movies. As if directed by professional director.


I’ve had olfactory hallucinations before. I smelt a very foul odour in my bedroom but my partner couldn’t smell anything. It truly was disgusting, made it hard to fall asleep that night.


Hey there. I get those, sometimes. It’s scary because you can’t get away from them. It’ll get better. Keep trying.