Hallucinating while reading

Have you hallucinated when reading - that is, read something that wasn’t really there? Was it obvious you were hallucinating, or did your hallucination seem very real?

I’m not sure if I hallucinated a Twitter tweet that didn’t really exist. I’m wondering how common this sort of thing is.

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Yes its quite common and slightly eeerrry.

Yeah you’re not alone. I always catch it though, maybe even sense that it’s going to happen a little bit. Typically it’s just a word gets replace. A fraction of a second later I’ve reread it properly.

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semi-common to me anyways. I don’t do the whole ‘twitter’ thing, but I have hallucinated writing before. I’ve also confused letters and twisted written word to read the way I preferred it read than the way it actually was. I think you experienced something common.

I have recently experienced this phenomena. I was reading my kindle when the words began addressing me personally, to quit reading and go kill myself. Very scary!

I’m not a media person… no twitter or anything.

But my brain has inserted words and phrases that make me pause and go back.

I’ve also sworn I’ve had some text message that I can’t find and my sis swears she never sent.

The very last time I did LSD I tried reading the Bible but the words moved backwards, then spun around, and entire sentences slid right off the page into thin air…
I had this theory that my mind was removing the top surface of the ink off the page because every time i tried to look back at the sentence it would slip off the page again…however the next day the words were intact…

Other than that with known cause of the hallucination, I have only seen things in slogans that say something other than what they are, for example “Community Action” I read “Communist Action”

Yes I have!! I know this is an old post but this has never come to my attention - I have hallucinated while on my phone and even on books/magazines once in a while. Sometimes I think the screen on the phone is going nuts, sometimes it scrolls up, but when it stops I’m back where I was. I even sometimes see little signs that are not there (sometimes they have no meaning to anyone but they make perfect sense to me).

I had big problems with this earlier this fall, I would hallucinate really startling words constantly. It hasn’t been a problem for the past few months, though.

I used to get it when I read the news online, I used to think that messages had been left for me if I read it before 2pm each day.

The voices would start telling me things or I’d think specific articles applied to me!

what I hate is when the words sort of ripple… like water…

Right. Delusions of reference. That’s pretty freaky. I’m sorry you had to go through that.

I hate those… it’s deja vu and paranoia all wrapped in to one. It’s hard to keep focused and not loose my cool when those start happening.

Good luck

I guess. If seeing the wrong word counts where I have to read it again when I realize the whole context of the sentence makes no sense.