Processing Internet Text

I am having a lot of difficulty lately processing Internet text. I have been seeing large blocks and waves of text produced by my unconscious right outside my head or up in the air between me and the ceiling when lying on my bed during the day. I wonder if anyone here is having similar experiences.

My mom had that, a simple antidepressant solved it, but you should check with your doctor for sure.

That’s really odd, Martin - I’ve been having the same thing lately. Generally just in the morning right when I wake up, and it goes away after 15 minutes or so. It’s not at all legible - the writing seems clear but I can’t ever read more than a word or two. Frequently it changes rapidly, like someone is flipping the pages of a book.

I had had it with animated line drawings, too, so I thought they were just dreams that didn’t finish up before I woke up. But a few days ago, I had it in the middle of the afternoon, too, when I hadn’t been sleeping.

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It could be manifestation of an unconscious and (possibly) delusional belief that you can accomplish something very important to you by spending time on the computer. I don’t know what you do on the computer, so I can’t say. And I could just be plain wrong.

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When I was beginning to get psychosis, the numbers in my trig book would float out of the book or reorganize themselves on the page, thus making it impossible to solve the problem. It was like a hologram—moving numbers floating through the air.

This was one way I knew I was getting psychotic. I took pills, numbers quit popping out of their place. :smile:

Can you talk to your pdoc about this?

I’d take a break from reading…

this happens to me when I play video games to much…

even recently I’ll wake up to visuals of text messages on my iphone… really deluding crap

most of them come from girls I’ve been thinking about… saying the ideal things to me… pretty trippy… makes me disappointed hah

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