Did you ever hallucinate mistakes of reading?

I read it was posted that I was to begin my job on Monday when actually it read Saturday. So, when I didn’t show up on Saturday, I was already in trouble. They found me and I was only a little late. But I notice I often hallucinate while reading. A tense mind is quite an inconvenience.

I wouldn’t call it hallucinate. I’d call it mistakes the brain makes visually or neurologically where it confuses two similar concepts, eg for some reason for you, Monday and Saturday were similar when this happened to you.

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No. I literally see the other letters or numbers in the place of the actual ones. I’ve done it reading letters, too. And sometimes I catch myself hallucinating in the threads I read here. It can cause misunderstanding to say the least.

Jobs typically begin on Monday, less likely than Saturday. I might’ve made the same mistake.

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Oh, i see what you mean, @gene and @anon1466656 I’m seeing what I want to see, not what is. But isn’t that what hallucinating is?

I think hallucinations aren’t necessarily what you want to see but just a manifestation of subconscious feelings or thoughts - you “think” it’s there accidentally?

A Freudian slip of the eye.

This happened to me on a final exam at university. I missed the the final exam by one day late.

I felt very stupid for missing my final exam because I couldnt even know what day the exam was. Its shameful for a university student.

I went and waited in the class but no one came. I checked the exam schedule and the exam was yesterday :slightly_frowning_face:

Did the prof fail you?

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No, he gave me another chance by redoing the exam after all my other exams. It sucked because I had to study everything again and wasted time studying the first time, could have studied other exams to get better grades.

That was nice of your prof to make out a new test just for you. Other profs would have just given you a 0.

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I do this all the time. I see ‘schizophrenia’ written on the walls sometimes.



I used to see the word “suicide” in text all the time when I was reading.

Had to stop reading for a while as a result.

It was really frightening.

i see text change on the computer sometimes. Like things changing… it’s really weird… and then i wonder what is real and what is really there… like are they trying to hide something from me

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