"Hakuna Matata"

It means no worries for the rest of your days. I would be on a isolated island with loud music playing and a nice little house, me and my beautiful spanish/romainian woman making love all the time. I would draw her, the island, the fruit, and animals that live there everyday. I know mines is a bit extreme but what is your hakuna matata?


Alone somewhere out in the country, with the exception of maybe some animals. I love the country, I wish could live there, the city is noisy, smelly, dirty, rude, mean, way too hot, way too many rules. Live out a nice farm by myself in the peace and quiet. I don’t want to be a farmer, no I just want to live in the country next to a farm.

I want to be woken by cattle and farm animals not ambulances, police cars, fire engines, people revving up motorcycles, people shouting at each other, people yelling into their cell phones, people pushing, people insulting…The only problem would be how I would get my groceries, medications and such since I can’t drive myself anywhere (don’t know how to drive, no licenses), if I could just have my food teleported to me I’d be set.


yeah lol I didn’t really think about food either, and the more I think about it I would probrably need wifi too.

Mines pretty much same, but with the one I love in the country. Not alone Already have the home in the country, hear cows mooing in morning, chickens, wild creatures…no vehicle or human noises except maybe 2 -3 times a day…needs a little work, but some of that is even enjoyable. And am hoping the one I love move here soon.
Someone can drive you to get groceries. if you can’t. Walking or bike riding is also good, but can’t carry a lot of groceries. However, if you get a place near a small town with a store and are just a short distance (few miles) outside of town you will still have the country . The smallness of the town will get you away from the majority of the noisy and aggravating things you mention.

I still would have one complaint though as i do not like winter…just give me a couple pretty snows and maybe some cool ice formations before it gets really cold and nasty, then teleport my entire property to South America or Australia for 3 months, LOL

This part can get kinda depressing

This is Ok, it’s like entering Narnia…and not too cold

I like when it is like this…green with the scent of flowers and fresh damp earth…


Lovely green nature. I would love to wake up to that. Instead I wake up to this:

Of course it’s usually more packed than this, at 3:58 everyone is out and about…

I don’t know if you can tell from the picture but that is a highway in the back of the apartment. Though I’ve gotten use to some of the noise, after a while it starts sounding like white noise.There is a little bit of green, yes but not much, That area between the sidewalk and the grass used to be filled with trees but for some stupid reason they cut the trees down and put up that stupid sidewalk. I liked the trees better They acted a bit like a buffer to the highway noise.

I stayed in a similar place before…Actually I pictured far worse… I’ll see if I can get a shot of a place I used to live and show what I mean…where sirens and yelling would be going on at all hours of the night, with occasional crashes when someone rammed a pole or building or gunshots… apartments and condos and shops all crammed right next to each other…

You do have a wee bit of trees and some small yards…this…no yards, and an occasional tree along a street but more trash than trees :frowning:

Consciousness, but not flesh.

Something suitable, just not flesh.

Something that isn’t hot or cold but can instead be comfortable always.

And something that can go underwater without suits or subs, no lungs or body as we know it.

Something that doesn’t need sustenance and doesn’t run out of energy.

Something that can stand inside of a tornado and remain unharmed.

My hakuna matata is everything that these bodies are not.

A real tree house in a dream world. No predators.

This is cool

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