City mouse or Country mouse


I like my city but I would never want to be in the heart of the city. I like the country, but I would be too afraid to be away from some of the resources that I know have saved my life.

I would never ever be a suburb mouse… That would be too… oh no. :scream_cat:

I would LOVE to be a little zen beach mouse in a little zen beach house just outside the city and people would come to gain the wisdom of the ocean.



Wisdom of the ocean… sha. The only thing wise about the ocean is “stay away from it”.



My place is right outside of the downtown area. It’s close enough that I can walk to everything (pharmacy, grocery, bank), but far enough away that it’s peaceful.

Before I moved here, I lived in a condo in the middle of the city. It was incredibly loud and busy. There were no places to walk and get away from it all. I don’t think I could live in that environment again.

I have a nice balance here, so I’m staying put!



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I live in the east side of town, not far from the city limits, actually. Im equally distant from midtown where the university is and the deep suburbs. It’s nice to be in the middle of everything. I can go downtown in 20mins or I can go into the deep suburbs in 20mins. Pretty ideal location, really, I can’t complain. I’m more of near-suburbs person, Memphis is dangerous downtown and too pretentious way deep into the suburbs.

I live right near Whole Foods and the best bake shop in town and the best sushi restaurant, so I am pretty content, LOL. I like food. The gym I go to is like 12-15 mins away, it’s deeper into the suburbs but worth the drive.



I like a balance, too. I live in a seaside suburb, more like a town on the outskirts of a city, nice to be by the sea, just a 5 min walk to the beach from my house, and close enough to walk to shops and library as well



Somewhere in the middle would be nice :smile:

I’m on the fence right now about when we can move if we stay in town or move out in the middle of nowhere. Services versus peace and quiet.



i’m about 15 miles out of the city and right on the edge of the new forest national park. if i want clothes then i order them off the net and only go into town when i have to, for school shoes and uniform and stuff. part of me would like to move deeper into the forest but then it’s longer to travel for basics so right now i’m happy living on the edge.



I live in a small town, but it is hurting me as far as not many places to go…I like the barbeque restaurant, and the chinese restaurant, and the mexican food restaurant…there is also an action figure museum here but I don’t like to go by myself…I go with my uncle when he visits on a blue moon…on the upside, I have my music and art to create, listen to and today I am getting R2D2 delivered for my collection of action figures…so the internet really helps to keep from being lonely…I love shopping online but it is addictive…!!

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i admire anyone who lives in the city, but personally i like the countryside, i live down a single lane road, you see about three cars a day, and mostly they are just the neighbours ( i have two neighbours a kilometre away-still way to close for me ) there is no noise at night you can just hear the wind whistling through the poplar trees.
take care

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I’m more comfortable in the country. I have lived in the city I have lived on the edge of city country. Now I live deep in the country. Have lived here for the last thirty years. I never want to move again.

Peace be with you Ridgerunner

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I prefer the country. Hearing the sound of neighbors through the wall and seeing into other’s back yards was unsettling for me.
I live about 25 minutes out of town. It is definitely a town.




Detroit :gun:


:fish: Small town near the water :swimmer: :mouse:


Flint- Don’t want to go there either. :gun:

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I live in a small town. I don’t have the resources of a big city but driving is easier, and I just like it here.

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I prefer country. I like to be around nature, or it around me.

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