What do you like about where you live?

The post about where we live, got me thinking…

I’m here in Seattle and I do love the fact that we are surrounded by water. Two main foods are coffee, and Salmon. Love them both as well.

what do others like about where they live?

I live in California near San Francisco. What I like is that we have EVERYTHING here. Like all kinds of entertainment. We have so many restaurants serving so many types of food. We have our sports teams playing near me. The Oakland A’s, the 49’rs, the Raiders, the Giants. I haven’t been to a game in years but I used to occasionally drive up to see the S.F. Giants play. We have great weather here too. There are colleges that are pretty close to me. I live in a VERY affluent area so my neighborhood and our downtown are landscaped very well. I drive downtown occasionally, it’s only 5 minutes away. My bank is downtown, I have a grocery store right across the street, a Jack-in-the-Box 5 minutes away that I drive through often. A library 5 minutes away, Here’s what’s within ten minutes of my apartment. Walmart, Target, Trader Joes, Kohls, Safeway, Sears, Best Buy, J.C. Pennys, MCdonalds, In-and Out ,Walgreens, Radio Shack, Smart & Final, my barber, my job. Many main freeways are minute away. My shrink is ten minutes away. There’s a nice park down the street. My neighborhood is safe, you can see women walking safely alone at night.

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Mainly that it’s fairly central re shops etc and am not bothered by nosy or p*ss taking neighbours like i might be on a normal social housing estate.

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I live near a large city in the Midwestern United States. What I like about living here is that the weather usually doesn’t get too extreme, although there have been exceptions (not to mention that there’s also a risk for tornadoes where I live). I think that I live in a reasonably safe area, and I like that there’s some access to public transportation that allows me to get into the city that I live near fairly easily. There are also some stores within walking distance of the house that I live in, which I like, since I’m not currently driving a car.


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I like the fact that I live in a somewhat safe neighborhood. That is about it. I wish I could say more good things about my state.

I live outside a small town in rural Pennsylvania. It’s quiet, but there’s a university so there are interesting people to interact with if I have to. The food, if you know where to go, is fantastic, and we have 24-hour diners, which is apparently not the case everywhere.

I’m in northern CA. In the same city I grew up in. In the last 20 years it went from a town of 20 thousand people to a population of over 100 thousand.
There are new McMansions (ridiculously large single family homes) popping up all over and new streets as well.
If there is anything I don’t like, except the amount of people, I just wait a bit, and it changes.

Those homes are all over the outskirts of Seattle too. Mercer Island is packed with McMansions. No one really wants them any more there are a few near us towering over the view and sitting empty.

I have to admit, I have a love of small college towns. Un-congested, clean air, quiet and still people around who love art, and good coffee and some conversation.

Unfortunately, it also means “those” kind of college students. The ones that think college is an excuse to get drunk every night. Massive crowds of them spilling onto the streets every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, embarrassing themselves and being a complete nuisance.

I forgot about that part. I’m such an old man. I’m usually in at night.

Ha, it’s okay. I mostly just stay in too, then again I don’t live IN town, I’m out in the countryside, so I only have to interact with them if I’m in town for something.

I’m IN town. Not downtown. The only people who live down town Seattle are the type of people I will never meet. I’m out on the water side. No busy roads, lots of water.
So do you have a forest near you? Or open fields for walking?

Both! And lots and lots of twisty, shaded country roads to walk or bike down. Not that I have a working bike, I should fix mine up.

That sounds lovely. I like open spaces. Biking in Seattle is dangerous. Yes, we have a lot of “bike” lanes. But being in them just makes you a target. I don’t like biking in Seattle. I walk and swim or row a lot.

I could never live in a city, too much noise, too many people. Just my small town is too hectic, which is why I tend to hermit myself in my home, posting on the internet all day so I don’t have to directly interact with other human beings.

If I lived up on Queen Anne hill in my parent’s house I’d be a mess by now. Traffic, noise, hectic pace… But way out on the Ballard point, dead end street, few neighbors, lot’s of boats… much better. I don’t live on a boat, but I would love to.

That would be cool, I like boats but I hate the ocean. Maybe I should live on a lake or something?

I have a friend who also like’s boats and hates the ocean. She has a British Canal boat, very nice little boat. Of course I have a friend who lucked out and got and old Mississippi River boat when it was a heap. Her Dad is a carpenter and her Uncle is good with engines. We all thought she was wasting her money at first. Jokes on us, she almost finished bringing back to it’s former glory. Very beautiful boat.

Oh, that’s really neat! I like fixing things up, I actually went to school to learn how to fix cars, and I’ve always loved tinkering with stuff. I bet a project like that would be fantastic, as long as I can stay motivated.