If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?

If I could choose, I would live in a place where the dollar can go the longest way. Where rent costs $100 a month, food is cheap and delicious and somewhere where I don’t need a car. I would work a small part time job as I learn the language of the land. I could live comfortably on disability and maybe even save a little. Does this place exist? I think it does maybe in Southeast Asia or South America. It is just to darned expensive living in the states. After rent and food, I’m left with but a few bucks.
Maybe one day I will venture out and live in the countryside of Cambodia or a small town in Ecuador. A guy can dream…

in the area i am at the moment is the best place i have ever lived, mainly because it is sparsely populated , i never see anyone .
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some where where its always 80 degrees, sunny, and there’s a powerlifting gym. Also not too metropolitan I’m in the near suburbs

It will always been near the ocean. I feel better near water.

James, have you ever been to Florida on the Gulf? Surfing not too good, but it is so beautiful with white powdery sand and turquoise water. Sanibel/Captiva Islands are perhaps my favorite places to vacation.

Never been to Florida. But it sounds really pretty. My surfing days have been spent on the west coast. Now that I’m getting better and more stable, when I get a little more money ahead, maybe road trip will be in my future.

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Wilmington, North Carolina. Screw Arizona. Too daggone hot here. For those unfamiliar, Wilmington is on the southern end of NC, not far from the border with South Carolina.

I wanted to go to school in Asheville North Carolina. Then I started behaving strangely and my dad got demoted and my parents decided that I they wanted me to stay home and wouldnt pay for me to leave. I’m pretty content with Memphis, I go to the university for free and there’s my dream gym just 12 mins away from my house. I also have old friends here. That and I don’t have to do the laundry, my mom does it. I would never find time for going to a place and waiting for my clothes to wash and dry. I just throw dirty clothes in a basket and mommy-poo magically makes them clean and dry again the next day!

But cold weather is just no for me. I would love to live in a place where it’s never freezing.

In the Smokey Mountains In a little house high up by a mountain stream. I feel rich in the mountains.

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In the Philippines the american dollar goes a long way. You can buy a whole cooked chicken for around $2. Many cultural delicacies. You’d have average income but feel rich. I dream a lot so much to the point I forget where I am actually at. But I currently would like to try and $400 stretch a month. Most of my freezer would be filled with hunted food. I’d live by my shotgun as it would become a common tool. Homesteading is rougher work than I could ever handle though. The islands in the Philippines can be ideal for comfort underneath a palm tree somewhere with local brew. I’ve done it. But I’d like to live in Alaska bro. The last frontier, then you have space. Y’all already know space would be cool. Mars, once technology exists where it can support human colonies I’d go and bring my medication RX.

Used to think that America was the coolest place on earth (lived there for 6 years) , but I came back to live in my home country of New Zealand. I have no interest in America anymore, and I think it would be distressing to live there. I prefer living where I am right now. New Zealanders are really relaxed, and it’s generally a nice place to live. I have no more interest in big cities and highways etc.

I really have no desire to travel, either. It could be a function of my mental condition – I used to be a guy who loved the idea of travelling overseas. You couldn’t pay me to visit other countries - the interest isn’t there.

it’s all really relative. if i could live anywhere not worried about money i would choose hawaii. i love that place.

i’ve thought of florida too but to be honest my mom and i kind of need each other. and she won’t move to florida so that’s out. So i’m stuck in the tundra of the arctic.

Anywhere besides in my head.

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