Anyone want to live in the wild?

This has always been a dream of mines. To live free, free from money, work, fast food, laptops, cell phones, dvds and tvs, x-box, time (human-made), jewelry, ipods, hate, fear, and the rest of society. To live like the intelligent caveman that is in most of us, to hunt and scavenge, to think outside of the box to survive. To use more time in books and arts or whatever it is that you hobby, and enjoy nature to its fullest. Others might disagree and want to live a civilized life but I would rather be living in the wild.


I can’t respond to this question until mankind begins to behave in a civilized manner.

Only then can I compare.


Yes I used to dream of this.

In my mid 20’s I was preparing myself to go and do it, reading survival books, learning necessary skill etc.

I talked a lot about doing it but in the end never did…I’ve mostly got over my distaste for society anyway, still think it’s crazy but it no longer angers me the way it did.

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There’s always the hikikomori way…you could just shut out society and never leave the house (some only go out at night for necessities however)

I did it for a little while in my 20’s :slight_smile:


Fantastic film. It would be something I would like to experience. Although it may be wise to try it for a month or two first before you make a life changing decision like this.

For a sz this does nothing but make you more sick… I did this and when it was time to go back out into the world, I was pretty much insane and not able to function like normal people. I hate to hear you gave up on that dream, im gonna try because I don’t think I live in society anymore.

I still want to do so, its something that i think about when thing get to hyped (everywhere). to live in the woods. I’d make living areas in all of the places i’d stay, moving every few weeks.Sounds more nomadic. Good question.

I have been thinking of walking to Canada from Kentucky and living in the woods.

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When my brother and I were young we wanted to practice subsistence farming. The whole world seemed so artificial. Those dreams were replaced by others. My brother works for the New York Times and I am on disability. I had a friend who had those same dreams. He worked in a factory and farmed on the side. He had four girls. He decided he wanted to move to the Canadian wilderness and practice subsistence farming. He was planning to move, but he got in a car wreck and totaled his van. No one was hurt, but that put the kibosh on his plans to subsistence farm in the Canadian wilderness. I’m much older now, and I’m on anti-psychotic medication, and that makes it much harder for me to handle the weather. I just finished mowing the lawn in near 100 degree heat, and the prospect of a life of physical labor doesn’t appeal to me at all…

I have lived in the wild and I do live in the wild though I do have to use a little money, have a computer, phone, electric, etc…
A few times I lived in a tent in the woods, 4 weeks once, 6 weeks another time…cooked by fire…it wasnt a camping trip…people would have called me homeless but I really wasnt.
I have lived here with no roads, boat access only, no electric, and only oil lamps and a car battery and generator for lights if I wanted but rarely used them…heated by wood, and did a lot of reading and writing.

Not quite completely wild as you have described, but close…

Now I’m up in here…kinda wild I suppose…


That place looks nice.

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Nice looking cabin. I’ve often dreamed of just walking off into the woods and living off the wild. I think I could do it. Nobody would miss me. The winter would be harsh but if I planned for it I would be ok.


If I had lived in the nature from the day i was born, eating all organic, staying away from alcohol and other stuffs, i wouldn’t develop mental illness.

You should go camping. Go fishing, eat what you catch cooked over a fire. Bring an art project with you. It is so fun. If you have a hard time with things like that, ask around if anyone you know does things like this. Maybe they wouldn’t mind you tagging along. I love camping.

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I used to. I mostly ended up doing that thing in my room - hikikomori. Now I’m afraid of bears and mountain men, but would like to spend some time in the woods with someone else along.

I want to live in an other time.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to return to my Tardis.

Getting back to English Gematria and all…“Jesus Christ” = 906 and “God is a Time Lord” = 906

Now how did I know that ???

I know, I know, you are not smart enough to know of the purpose of the existence of Time.
Not to worry. I have taken care of everything.

My last name, “PROUDLER” = 654, “Aka Time lord” = 654, “My Tardis” = 654, and “Dr. Who is Aka” = 654.

And, “Time Traveller” = 888. And, “Dr. Who is aka Sean” = 888.

Well that’s odd, my name is Sean Proudler. “Sean Proudler” = 888.

Just a coincidence, RIGHT !

Oh by the way, using Greek Gematria, “Jesus” = 888. Another one of those coincidences.

Time is an anchor.

Set things as best as possible over time, and the forever is set. The control of reality is set.

What is the purpose of time.

If there is a 50/50 balance between good and evil, how can the good beat the evil unless someone over time holds on to the good, the truth, such that a foundation of good is set. A foundation that can never be changed.

Perhaps, to do so, a fellow known as Christ has to endure a suffering of extreme measure to hold on to the truth, to carry that cross shaped like the letter “T” representing truth.

Or, you could say that that is a load of rubbish and thus in turn throw the positive outcome out the window.

Are you willing to be that stupid ?

Are you willing to throw Christ out the window ?


Holy ■■■■ you just blew my mind. I would love to go to the roman times where people battled in the colosseum. Or the beginning, whenever that might be.

I thought about moving in the wilderness. Then my parents nickname me “the unabomber” when I bring that topic up. :eyes: