Getting my depot tomorrow. Had a good talk with nurse over the phone - spoke about early intervention

I was telling them about my fears about being under surveillance. I explained I have a habit of phoning my mum and she gets upset seeing me suffer.

The nurse was really good and said I obsess and neuroticise my suspicions so I get little relief. She said I should phone the community nursing as soon as these thoughts start becoming relentless.

She assured me it’s totally appropriate to phone the team (and not my mum) when I have these problems. They said there is a big emphasis on early intervention now.

This made me feel better because I worried I was using the team inappropriately. In fact I was worried I had a reputation in the team office. But my new nurse said phoning them is the right thing to do. This made me feel better.


Good for you. Glad you have a supportive team to help you out

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i’m glad i can phone them any time 24hrs a day, there is always someone but its a pain if its busy.

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Mate. I’ve learned over the years to take what help I can get!

My shrink is a mad in demand doctor who doesn’t charge me for my visits. I like that a lot!

Mate. It’s not bad to ask for help and it’s certainly in your best interests to use such help as much as you can!

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