So the crisis team took my meds away. They will come out once a day to give them too me

I was so worried to talk about how I was feeling for fear of getting admitted to the ward. But they were professional enough to coax out my ideas of hurting myself.

So they removed from the flat the means by which I was considering doing it. I feel a lot happier now.

They are going to come out once a day for now to give me meds and to assess me.

I am so grateful we have these resources here. They are angels.


Seroquel on it’s own isn’t doing you any favours. I hope you can get them to give you something better.

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Its good the crisis team have taken an active approach. When i was like that they just offered me phone support. I know about the pills. I dont keep any in the house either - cos i know i will take them, im a constant impulsive overdose risk. one of the reasons they put me on the injection.


Am going to push for an earlier pdoc appointment. Had to cave in and take a Valium today.

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don’t drink beer on that

I’m not sure if you’re still drinking or not

maybe you quit

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Yeah have not drunk in ages. It just makes me depressed these days.

yeah, very good

hope all the meds kick in for ya

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Thanks @Daze - you have been really good to me.

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