Had a busy day and now I'm wasted

I met my brother and his wife and children for a meal. Then we went to a children’s playground.

The whole process (getting there and getting back included) must have only been 4 hours.

What I learned though from watching all the parents at the playground is that normies seem to have effortless energy.

I was wasted after it and this was only a few hours distraction for the normies. It was no big deal for any of them.

I think it made me more realistic about my situation. Unfortunately.


I feel you.
Human contact outside the house always wears me down quickly.
Whenever I’m uncomfortable it zaps my energy.


I went to the car dealership with my parents
My elderly near blind father was behind the wheel.
I was a nervous wreck!
Was scared to get into an accident or get lost!

I was very drained.
I barely made it!


I understand you, @everhopeful I never had the energy that Moms had.

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Did you have to go? Could you drive instead?

I’m too anxious to stay home even with my mom or alone and I’m too anxious to drive on the highway.
I really need to contact my pdoc.
My anxiety is out of control!

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With schizophrenia, the filter in our brain is broken. Therefore, it takes a lot longer for our brain to process and sort information. Also, we are overwhelmed by the slightest stimuli. And so, we get tired quickly. Just remember to breathe deeply and try to remain calm in environments that are noisy.


My therapist said I was over sensitive to the emotions of other people. So when I’m in any small or definitely large group of people I get so overwhelmed is why I revert into my mind. Than I feel so wasted and exhausted for the next or two days.


No New Age stuff please… Remember the rule against religion. That goes for this too. @parallelmind

Okay, sorry @anon9798425

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Poor wave.:blossom::blossom::blossom::sunflower::sunflower::sunflower: flowers for you

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Thanks @anon12381882! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I get stressed every time I need to go out if it involves driving. That stresses me out big time. I don’t know how people can cope with driving! It drains me completely. The more I have to drive the more anxious and depressed I get and sometimes landed up in hospital. Problem is I have to drive because my husband cant with his seizures. It’s the biggest problem in our marriage.

Social functions drain me too. I tend to sit near the door so I can escape quick if I have to.

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