Decent enough day

i experienced some symptoms mostly while at home. i felt bad for this teenage girl who was at the clinic today. police showed up to escort her to the closest mental hospital and she didn’t want to leave her mom or brother. so they had to ride in the police car with her which i thought was real nice of the officers to do

i had therapy today we talked about the problems i have been having, and the giant bee incident. something i left out when i posted a thread about it was it looked like it was made out of glass or crystal. i forgot to mention that kay may have a car in about 6 weeks since she has to buy it from a coworker’s daughter for a couple of hundred she is getting a heck of a deal on it and they are willing to take payments but she doesn’t get the car until its completely paid off which is fine.

kay hasn’t had a day off in almost a month and its really wearing her down and i feel terrible since i put a lot of pressure on her but her dad puts a lot more he wanted gas money from her last pay check by kay pays for their tv from aarons and that is suppose to cover her phone and gas money but her dad is being a real ■■■■■■■ about it. i’m hoping once we move we can get out from under her parents’s control. like the cell phones. and paying for their tv, electric,rent on the playhouse and cable. i keep telling them one of these days social security is going to find out what my rent money goes towards and they aren’t going to be happy.