Grocery shopping - anyone else?

I currently do 99% of my grocery shopping online. My stepdaughter is talking about shopping in store more. With online shopping there are various links to click to get to different sections and then choose. I have something of a set pattern of doing things which works for me.

However in store shopping is something I struggle with. I am bad at organising myself to get what I need. I struggle to make shopping lists , and tend to shop haphazardly . I think this is to do with executive functioning difficulties.

I wondered whether this was a problem for anyone else. How are you at in store grocery shopping?

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I never shop …my parents do that for us …!!! Life sucks…so difficult. .!!

2 kids, wife does the shopping online and I tend to curb side pick it up from time to time. The kid tax is a killer otherwise

hmm…online shopping? never was into that, when I did shop before…i would just go to the store and get stuff there. I don’t do it anymore…but hey, choose healthy choices~

I need to go grocery shopping today for banana and nuts. Maybe one pear. I’m not that hungry yet.

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It’s ok for me but I have to make a list or else I will forget things. I go to same shops all the time so I go systematically from one end to another. I haven’t shopped online before bcuz I like to buy the items myself.

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I do almost all my shopping online except fresh stuff I can’t. I always have someone go with me. Alone I cry in the store every time. I just fall apart. I hear everyone’s thoughts and it’s overwhelming. With someone there I need to focus on them and follow their lead.

Try this?see if itworks:

  1. fold a sheet of notebook paper in half length wise.
  2. leftside of crease at top write "menu:
    3.rightside of crease at top write “list”.
  3. Undr menu - think of what meals you want. example: “speghetti"
    5.Under list - write the items needed for speghetti " pasta, jar of sauce, roll of ground sausage ( or ground beef)”.
  4. after your done planning for meals that take multiple items, then add simple things to the bottom of “list” example: “milk, cereal, toothpaste”.
    7.Keep the list and tape it to the front of the fridge after you get back from shopping. This will help you remember the meal plan. Doing this will also tell others not to
    cook the roll of ground sausage for their breafast.

I like to go for grocery shopping but not online, only in stores

I do all of my grocery shopping in this one small local supermarket.
I feel pretty comfortable there because it’s small enough and it’s only 2 minutes away from my home by car.
I would find grocery shopping very difficult any where else.

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There is a discount place down the street so I shop there, and buy and eat whatever is on sale

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Heh. Princess Pixel got her driver’s license last week. Just sent her off to the store with a list for her first solo run. We shall see how she does.


She’ll probably do a lot better than I’ve ever done.

I don’t mind going shopping if it is during the week when all of the kids are at school and most people are at work.


I go on off hours as well

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Is it still a win if she forgets half the stuff,

But doesn’t wreck the car?

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24hr shops are also cool. Did some 3-4am shops as a student lol

She’s not getting another if she wrecks this one, so she had best be careful.


Do they ship your food ?

Is it not spooky walking around a supermarket at that time?