Food Shopping

For many years, I did my grocery/food shopping with other people. Never by myself. It was either with my ex wife, or usually with my dad. Today I am well enough to drive over to the market and shop by myself.
How do you manage to get food on your table? Do you do your own shopping? Have them delivered? Online shopping? Just wondering


i usually do it with sweep,

i hate shopping and i need prompting to get things,

i find it harder to to do the little things more to be honest :s

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This is a very good step. Congratulations. I haven’t gotten to that point yet. The tiny Mom and Pop shop at the end of the block is one thing. But to go to a big store… I don’t shop alone yet.

My sis and I go to the market at 10:00 p.m on a Friday night when the store is practically empty and the only other few in there are drunk students. She knows the money and the budget.

My sis used to do online shopping when I wasn’t well enough to drive and she was too young to drive. Also our parents would take me out once every week or so.

Congratulations on getting that independence back.

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I mostly do my grocery shopping online. Mainly ready meals though i will buy stuff to prepare one or so meals a week. The thing is when you buy ingredients for a meal (1) the sell by date on the meat/fish is short (2) they don’t have all the ingredients you want and send a useless replacement.

One thing i am bad at is making a shopping list and getting staple essentials to make several meals


Thanks for the compliments J, but the truth is I go to this one small market very close to my home, and its for a limited time only. I do not go when it is crowded - cant do it. But yes at least I have improved a bit in this department


Small market close to home, limited time only… doesn’t matter. You can do this when you need and not rely on your families works schedule. Self sufficiency is still self sufficiency no matter what the parameter.

I’m glad to hear that you’re doing better with this. I’m working on it. I can sit in the market parking lot. But I still can’t go in alone. I just end up telling myself… I don’t really need milk and water, I’ll just wait and get with the bigger trip on Friday.

Hi wave, well done!

It’s good to know that u are trying and gaining some new experience. I’m happy for u. It’s very good to open up yourself to new experience.

I sometimes shop by myself. I often remind myself to shop fewer items as I tend to forget to eat them up. It would be difficult to have just enough and no waste.

Thanks goggles, I appreciate your compliments

I shop myself.

It’s not the shopping that bothers me at all, it’s what im forced to buy, death in a nice pretty little package.

And not to mention the large hexagram on the front of the store, every time i see it i go “well goddamn!”

I think avoiding waste is harder if you are on your own. Not much stuff is packaged for one person, and if it is comparatively more expensive.

I shop for my own food. I find it more and more difficult to make groceries stretch to the end of the month. My budget is usually between $80 and $90. It would be nice to get a side job so I can do better each month.

the shopping list is colour coded thanks to my wife, if i get confused with the words i look at the colour e.g ’ blue ’ for dairy, ’ green ’ for vegetables.
my wife has taught me where everything is, i am a bit rain man like that.
we go early morning on a sunday when it is empty and we do a monthly shop.
take care


When my (ex) husband moved to another state for 5 months and I wasn’t doing well, I refused to shop or go anywhere for the entire 5months. Good thing was, I lost 40lbs, bad thing was, I weighed 94lbs. Long story short, he came back, but I only went to the grocery store when he went.
Cut to today, new husband, he likes to shop, so I go with him when we need a few items.
I wont go alone because I get so mesmerized by all the choices.


I shop for groceries online and have them delivered. I buy enough for three weeks. Meat I can freeze, I buy fresh vegetables and fruit, they usually last two weeks, so I also buy canned and frozen vegetables and fruit. Dairy products stay fresh surprisingly long. A gallon of milk lasts a week and stays fresh, sour cream three weeks, cottage cheese a couple weeks or more, yogurt a few weeks. I find that shopping online is not only more convenient than pushing a shopping cart around in a market for an hour, it saves money. I shop at Safeway, and on their website I can browse the entire food selections of my usual foods in an hour. And the BEST part is that EVERY item on sale is highlighted in yellow. So for example I can scan their whole beef selection in a half hour and see EVERY piece of meat on sale in minutes.You know if you go in person how big their meat section is. It’s pretty hard to see what the best deals are,but online it takes seconds. I usually buy beef and chicken for half price.I have been getting beef tri-tip roasts for 1/2 price the last 4 months. And WHOLE chickens are usually VERY cheap too. I often get them for half price and I will buy 3 or 4. And they are simple to cook. No trick to cooking a whole chicken. Pull out the innards and throw them away, then put the whole chicken in a large pan, salt and pepper it and stick it in your pre-heated oven. A whole chicken usually is cooked for 20 minutes per pound. So a five lb. chicken takes an hour an forty minutes on 350 degrees. Easy. But yeah, I buy sales at markets and stock up.


Sometimes I shop online other times I go to the store either at 6am or 10pn when it’s quiet. Um terrible at wasting food. I buy food that I’d like to cook but usually end up eating a sandwich instead or a tin of something. I can cook spagbol, cottage pie, garlic chicken, roast dinner, crispy duck, dauphinoise, or anthing u can chuck in the oven but I find it difficult to cook. I used to love cooking and it makes me angry that I do t cook as often as I should. I have son who only eats junk, a daughter who is a vegan and then me so I find it difficult to cook healthy meals for just me. I do try though. Shopping is far less taxing than actually cooking and I throw a lot of food away. :frowning:

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What is a “spagbol!”

Spaghetti Bolognese xxx

Get Tupperware for left-overs or freeze leftovers to eat later in the week.

Most of you have said that you shop early morning or late at night. I was wondering why my son wanted to go to the grocery late at night-same with laundry. His food card has been cut to $111 a month. Do you think its less expensive to shop online? I also worry that if something happens to me, who will take care of my son? I didnt realize that it was hard for him to deal with people at the store or laundry. He also wont cook--dont know why.
Sorry-just started rambling-but this woke me up to a few things!!


Hi. At, you get the same prices online, as are in the store if you go in person. Well sure, I understand completely why people shop late at night or early in the morning. Because it’s hard to be around people. And there’s less people at night. If you are worried about what will happen to your son when you’re gone maybe you should start planning NOW for when that time comes. Maybe look into some kind of trust fund or maybe start getting some life insurance that he can collect when you die. And I don’t want to be morbid here. But maybe look into seeing if he can depend on relatives and maybe even live with them if something happens to you. Maybe check out mental health housing now where he could live peacefully. Maybe even search other cities or even states where he could live in the event of your death. See where he could live comfortably and safely for a long-term stay. Maybe organize a search and make some exploratory calls to see what’s out there and would be available. Because you don’t want him to spend the rest of his life in an institution or be forced into living in a bad neighborhood. Don’t wait until the last minute to do this. Plan ahead. You don’t want people taking advantage of him when you’re gone.