Grocery shopping - anyone else?

Princess got everything except butter and coffee pods. Mom is freaking over the former and I’m annoyed over the latter.

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I’m with you on this one. How could she have forgotten the coffee pods?!?!?! :open_mouth:

I know, right?!?

Me: Uh, coffee?
Her: We have tea!
Me: You suck.
Her: You’re damaging my self-esteem.
Me: Glad you’re paying attention.

I try to plan ahead so I start out on one end of the store and end up on the other. Except for about 3-4 meals a week I mostly eat the same things so it isn’t too hard.

Buying groceries gets me out of the house and is mostly pleasurable. There are plenty of pretty ladies to admire too. I want to hide behind my shopping cart if I think they notice though

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Slightly, but ok if your with friends!

Seems fair to me.