Continuing: "Pulled over and hassled by cops"

Turningthepage said: “I was pulled over for NO reason. She said I was talking on my cell phone”.

Just forget about it. You didn’t get hurt, you got treated bad. You felt bad for awhile, it will pass. The treatment was condescending but not extreme. Cops have to be careful, they don’t know you and they never know who they’re dealing with when they pull someone over. Some people are crazy (excuse the language) enough to pull guns and fight the police and appearances are deceiving. They have to treat everyone with caution.

I’m not saying that some cops aren’t a*sholes. Some of them are. But how you act when you get pulled over is going to determine how you get treated. Like I said, your treatment by them wasn’t extreme. Just accept that sometimes when you get stopped it may go wrong. But MOST of the time it doesn’t go badly.

You don’t have to take bad treatment laying down but how were they supposed to know you had coffee? How were they supposed to know you had a gun pulled on you?

It would have been better if you would have resisted the temptation to be sarcastic. Like I said, some cops are jerks, but if you are innocent and just co-operate things will go OK. Not ALL cops are a*sholes. But for all you know, there was a robbery or some other crime committed in the area before you got there and they had to treat everyone around as a suspect.

I’ve had bad experiences with cops and I’ve had good experiences. When I was doing something wrong and doing drugs my experiences were bad.Since I got clean in 1990 I’ve been pulled over occasionally when I was caught red-handed speeding. But I did all the right things. Number 1, I didn’t get mad. The biggest mistake you can make when you get pulled over is to get mad. That automatically turns the cop off and will affect how the stop goes. I accepted my guilt and I was polite and literally 5 times I have been let off with just a warning and no ticket.

And another thing I’ve found is that if you have a real, legitimate reason to why you were speeding then the cop will take that into consideration. A couple times I was speeding because it was late at night and I had to get up early to go to work .I told the cop this and he let me go. Another time I blew a stop sign right in front of a cop but I told him the another driver pressured me into it and his reply was, “Yeah, I saw that. I’ll let you go”.

They might have really thought you were talking on a cell phone. If you are a law-abiding citizen then the cops are on your side. If you follow the rules and keep your nose clean you should have very few run-ins with cops.