Got my dollars for my holiday to Sri Lanka

I’m going tomorrow. I have $1650 to last me a month. My accommodation for the 28 days is around $800 payable in US dollars so this give me roughly $200 a week for food and drinks. I’m highly anxious about this holiday. I keep getting heart palpitations. I’m meeting my group home manager today and we are going to discuss coping strategies. I have around 6000 Sri Lankan rupees a day. A beer is around 250 rupees and food is around 3000 rupees. I’m very nervous.


man I would have a good time…doesn’t sound like you are taking enough money is why you’re probably nervous…if you’re frugal you should be ok…good luck.

I have another £400 British pounds I’m taking for emergencies, possible to use. Then I have my Barclaycard and capital one credit cards.

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Have a good time. :slight_smile:

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Have a good time @bobbilly

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