I'm in Sri Lanka. I made it

this is a big achievement for me. This is my first holiday alone in 15 years. I’m in Colombo at the moment and will be heading down to Hikkaduwa.


Congrats. Sounds like you are having a great time already.

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Safe travels. I hope you enjoy having travelers eyes.

There is this great song from this place, I recollect, not sure if you have heard it.

Enjoy your trip, @bobbilly !!

Sri lanka - what courage to go on such a trip. Im planning a day trip to sweden sunday, not exactly an exotic destination :smiley:

Enjoy it.

I’m okay. been here nearly one week and it is really beautiful place and the weather is lovely. A 660ml beer is only £1.48 so around $2. The food is nice, good sea food. I had lobster last night with garlic rice. Beautiful place. I nearly didn’t comeg here as my anxiety was pretty bad. Glad I did.


It sounds like you’re having a blast.

Enjoy the lobster, the drinks, and the nice weather.

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