I'm back from Sri Lanka. Fantastic times

I finally made it to Sri Lanka and back. This has been a dream of mine for 7 years and I backed out many times and lost my money or my MH has been bad and my team wouldn’t let me go by denying me funds (they control my money) I finally made it.

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island. The people are nice and friendly. The pound and dollar goes a long way. A Sri Lankan Curry (Small bowel of rice and assortment of 5 small curries with popadoms is around £6 and very tasty. I’ll post some pictures when they download on my Mac. The Sunsets are so wonderful.

My MH has been the best its ever been. At first I wasn’t confident meeting new people. Now I’m filled with confidence after meeting so many wonderful people. The Sri Lankans really know how to keep tourists happy.


That is fantastic @bobbilly that your trip away has had such a positive effect on your mental health.

I think it was really brave of you doing the trip on your own. May you have many more splendid holidays in the future.


Glad you had a good time and sounds a great trip. I play cricket with a few Sri Lankans and they’ve always been stand up people!


Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip and that you made it safely back.


Welcome back -
Sounds like you had a great trip.
A month to explore and experience.


Welcome back @bobbilly - glad you had a good time.

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Glad you had a good time

Congratulations! I know how long you have been trying to have a successful vacation trip, it is amazing to see you achieved your dream!


I’m happy for you! It sounds like a great trip

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