Got depot today - feel bad

Nurse made me unhappy.


Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face! If you’re coming off oral meds like you said you were, do it following the time table agreed with your doctor.

Hurting yourself isn’t going to affect the nurse.


So sorry to hear j…u are in injection but oral are bad too…we dont have injections based medication. … make one choices…

Hey @Jimbob, sorry you had such a bad experience. I agree with @everhopeful though. I wouldn’t go cold turkey on the meds. Don’t let a bad experience cause you to make a choice that’s going to be bad for you in the long run. I know you posted about being sick, too. Hope you feel better today. You’re in my prayers, man.


You are right. 15

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Sorry guys. Because I have not been delusional for a while I question if I need the meds. I feel like an imposter and the nurse did nothing to address this. Am pretty sure he thought I was making stuff up.

If that is the way they feel I don’t want to take their meds.

It sucks when you get diagnosed with mi issues everything is down to mi whether it’s true or not. But remember you are not taking these Meds for them. You are taking them for YOUR wellbeing.


Nurses aren’t therapists though. Some are nice, some are nasty. They’re just earning a living. I wouldn’t pay much attention to them in the big scheme of things.

If you haven’t been delusional in a while, then it’s probably because the meds are working, not that you don’t need them.

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My folks are going away for 3 weeks on holiday. Am going on a rapid detox in that time. Have got food in the flat.

Am going to lock the doors and unplug the phones.

@Rhubot can you suspend my account for 4 weeks. Am unstable and don’t want to say stuff I will regret.


Are you sure you want it suspended for 4 weeks? That’s pretty long. You could take a shorter break and then extend it if you have to?


Sorry @anon9798425 don’t suspend me. Am just feeling all over the place. @Rhubot @Moonbeam please ignore me. J


I’m glad you want to stay. Maybe you could get support from others here while you’re unstable. If you say something you regret, you can always ask us to remove it for you. :slight_smile:

Agree with @anon9798425 - we can handle you saying things you don’t mean, but I don’t want you isolated for the 3 weeks your parents are gone. I’ll suspend you overnight, and we can talk about it again tomorrow.

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J u are srong person. .dont get me wrong
…maybe self help is required.

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We’re here for you, J. Sorry today’s been so rough :two_hearts:


Hey Jimbob, you sound really unhappy, it worries me to hear you like this. I don’t know what’s happened but just wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts and I want you to be ok. Please don’t do anything rash because of the way you feel, try to be aware the illness is affecting your thoughts and be good to yourself, try and do what you need to stay well and not give in to the bad and unhelpful thoughts. We all care about you here.

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I’ll explain what happened. I was trying to tell this nurse about how disabled I was by the negative symptoms but he didn’t really take it onboard. He said the positive symptoms are much more debilitating.

I said I have been so medicated that I hadn’t had delusions for a while.

I then got really upset because I thought he was implying I am therefore cured and am therefore a benefit fraud. I got really upset and asked him if he thought I was entitled to benefits or am I cheating the system. I said how I had heard other nurses getting a bit politically motivated when talking about some of their ‘unworthy’ clients.

I just wanted him to say, of course your not a fraud James, but he said it was not his place to say. This upset me. I tried to explain how negative symptoms where a fundamental part of active sz but he didn’t seem receptive.

For the last 5 years I have struggled with my place in the welfare system. I just ended up feeling like this nurse didn’t think I was worthy as he didn’t appreciate negative symptoms.

Just kinda feel like why should I take meds if folk like nurses feel their clients are putting it on.

Am very upset.


He also said the fact I knew I had a problem with not being able to get motivated to shower meant it wasn’t a negative symptom. He said folk with sz wouldn’t get bothered by this. What BS.

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Man what’s with the nurses in your area? They all sound mean!

Try not to think about him too much, you’re not a fraud, you’re very genuinely disabled by schizophrenia.

It’s great you haven’t had delusions in a long time.

Don’t take what he said on board, he probably doesn’t have schizophrenia so he’s just having a guess that positive symptoms are more disabling. There’s no more or less to consider, both affect individuals differently and disable them to a differing degree.

Don’t suspend your account, you will need the support while your parents are away. Plus (I’m being selfish) I will miss you too much.