Got a ESA disability medical. Very worried

I’ve been on disability benefits pretty much all my adult life and have never been to a assessment. I’ve been called for one, pretty much everybody will be assessed for ESA now because here in the U.K. they are implamenting exempt criteria for chronically disabled people meaning they won’t have to be assessed for disability benefits anymore in the future. I want to meet the criteria for exempt statues

In 2016 I was rushed to hospital because I severally cut my armpit trying to take a microchip out from delusions. The air ambulance paramedics came it was so bad. I nearly got kicked out my supported living home (group home for people in the states) My supported living manager is coming with me to my assessment and she’s going to tell them everything. When the assessors ask me my condition I’m going to tell the truth and say I haven’t got anything wrong me with with I think I haven’t, (pdoc says I lack insight) Do you think this is a good idea?

Do you think with the self harm and 11 involuntary hospital admissions and neatly 2 last years if there had been a bed will help my case. They say I have chronic SZA and live in a 24/7 staff group home. i’m so worried about it. Any advice would be very welcome.

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Is this for ESA or pip/DLA?

Its for ESA…

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I reckon you will walk it. You don’t get supported living in the U.K. very easily. You obviously have challenges in daily living.


Sorry you’re worried @bobbilly. I hope it goes well for you. I don’t know your country/situation so can’t comment. Pls keep us posted, if you like.

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i have heard all the horror stories, it worries me/

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THe impression I get is that these reviews are to tell if you will get ESA for life. Not testing if you will get ESA at all. I think it is a given you will get ESA.

my supported living manager and community nurse (I don’t have a CPN because I’m under the learning disability team and they have community nurses) all say I’m going to be fine but I’m scared. I have this idea I’m going to end up homeless. I have a 21 hour one to one support package from social services plus 24/7 staff supported living including sleep staff. I’m worried they are not going to listen to my supported living manager.

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They will listen. Let your manager do the talking. Let me be candid - it would look very bad for the dwp to make a sz person with learning difficulties living in supported housing homeless.

thank you Jimbod.

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What does ESA mean?

Employment support allowance, Its a U.K. Disability payment of £125.00 a week

I think you will get it because you have some very solid proofs (papers from your pdocs and you live in a staff group home). :slight_smile:

Thank you for answering my question. Cheers.

As soon as I received disability in the USA I started to hear voices. I didn’t hear them prior to that. I think if you get denied the first time you have a different status to the government. Good luck.

Given that you live in Supported Housing - i reckon you will have nothing to worry about and will walk it. I wouldn’t worry about it. It sounds like a similar situation of mine and i had no problems.

Sorry yeah what @anon20613941 said!

That’s good to hear rogerrob thank you.

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