Bad news? So co fused

I live in UK been on ESA support group almost 3 years. My diagnosis schizophrenia and epilepsy. I unfortunately. Became ill abroad and lived in a care home before I returned here. I have my own flat now in an assisted living place.

I recently applied for PIP as now I have been back long enough I can but denied and I appealed.

Today I heard from council but I don’t understand the letter. It’s an update letter. It says my ESA is £0 but classifies me in a different group. And I now get disability living allowance lowest rate £21

Also went into rent just don’t get that

Am I now living in 21 pounds a week. Before I had something called disability insurance and it was I think 15 pounds a week.

Maybe I have been awarded PIP ? But I no longer get ESA or I do get ESA but now I have to find a job ?

I don’t know.

Paging @firemonkey. He’s in the UK, and seems fairly knowledgeable about matters. I don’t know who else on here who can help (doesn’t mean they don’t exist).

Thank you. I will check back later. I appreciate it.

I’m so sorry I know how that feels as I do not qualify for any sort of benefit. I do work but it’s hard to keep down a job. The cuts they are doing right now is ridiculous

The standard rate for mobility is £21.80 so it seems you have been granted that.
This explains ESA rates and premiums.

If you have a letter with a contact number/address from the DWP I suggest phoning/writing to them or getting someone else to on your behalf

Thank you for the replies

@Ish it is quite bad that you do not qualify for anything when it’s evident you have a mental illness.

@firemonkey I think I now understand the letter. ESA neither up or down and just telling me I get DLA. Thanks for your help.

I see care-co ordinator Tuesday I’m sure she will understand it.