Got a 7 day trial of Latuda from my doctor

My psychosis is fine from the abilify, but my mood could use some lift. He gave me a 7 day trial of latuda to take. I’m starting tonight. He said it helps more with mood than most anti-psychotics.

It’s helped my mood a great deal.

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I’m on 80mg every night with dinner. Works great. No grapefruit though :frowning:

I’m not doing well on Latuda at all. I don’t know what I need to give me a boost. It makes me lazy and miserable

The first two days it made me feel noticeably better but then it kind of faded. But since then I have lowered my antidepressant and haven’t had any problems so I think overall it is still helping negative wise. Positive wise I definitely notice a difference over Geodon alone. I hope it helps you too.

My bf was just put on Latuda this past Thursday and his Dr increased his ridperidone until the Latuda “kicks in” He’s doing better and says that he feels better (less irritable) He seems to be a little drowsy but Dr said that will pass. I pray that this helps because the intense mood swings are taking its toll on me.

I’m considering going back on Geodon. I dont know what to do. I hope my doc can help me. Latuda keeps my sanity but im lazy and upset

I quit the latuda btw

It brought back all my symptoms somewhat…or just made me feel shitty

so i raised my abilify instead…seems to be working.

today was a great day.

are you gaining weight on Abilify?

No I’ve been stable at a weight for a while.