Switching from Abilify to Latuda

Gonna give it a shot. I figure I’m on these meds forever so best to try and find the optimal drug of choice.

I need more energy and less weight and better libido. Hopefully Latuda will help me in these 3 areas. We’ll see…


Packaged with Sarcosine, I find it to be working well.


Good luck ! Hope it works out.

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Good luck with the switch @Patrick - lots of people are doing well on Latuda.

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I’ve been on Latuda for about 6 months now along with Seroquel and Geodon. It really helped kick out the positive symptoms without having me gain more weight. It’s a good drug. I hope it works for you. I couldn’t stand Abilify. It made me too restless. Good luck!! :sunny:

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I can’t stand abilify either. I’m too scared to change though. It’s keeping me sane, but the anxiety and restlessness aren’t pleasant.

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Latuda causes weight gain at first but that could be residual from the old meds it took me four months to stop gaining. Finally my weight stayed the same.

I know how scary it is to change meds, but you should consider it. It’s such an awful feeling to be restless. :sunny:

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Thanks all for the positive feedback. I’ll let you know how it’s working out over the upcoming months.

You got it approved? :smiley_cat: Fantastic!

I switched from risperidone to latuda. The latuda helped greatly at first just don’t forget to take it. Also don’t forget to eat at least 350 calories before you take it.

I switched from Geodon to Latuda in 2011. Latuda is one of the better drugs I have taken.

Good luck with the switch.

Latuda helped me a lot

It really pulled me out of the negative flatness and a lot of my Want and Motivation came back.

Hope things go well for you

Latuda has been my miracle drug since May 2012. Just recently I had to up the dosage from 40 mg to 60 mg which is still a low dose. I HOPE IT HELPS YOU. This drug basically gave me my life back . . . never 100 % but feeling good. BEST WISHES TO YOU. Let the suffering end.


When you guys switched from abilify to Latuda, did your dr titrate the abilify down while adding Latuda? Also, is it normal not to be able to laugh with bipolar depression?