Good tip for reducing cholesterol

Walnut water doing fantastic job for reducing cholesterol and trigliseride levels.its simply put 1 walnut inside of one cup of will release all extract to the water in 12 hours and drink it 12 hours later.i usually put this at night and drink it in the really works.

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Walnut water works? Normally it’s the fats in the walnuts that help reduce the LDL and you would have to eat them to get that – about an ounce a day.

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Actually you just put 1 or 2 walnuts to the glass of water and wait for 12 hours later drink and eat the walnuts course you can eat only walnuts without water but i read that its better with water. İt reduced my cholesterol significantly which is my medicine cause serious cholesterol and trigliserid levels


best way is exercise man. supplement i take to increase good hdl coconut oil and fish oil. But no supplement for exercise.