What changes in diet or exercize had you attempted which are beneficial for lowering cholesterol? It’s like a crash course in lowering cholesterol which digs at foods that have too much cholesterol. Noting then enough is enough, what are the findings about lowering cholesterol?

Change to stevia sugar.

I was told mine was genetic, and I have to take statins to fight it. I am only 33, so not sure why it started now.

Basically they said it was too high to be controlled by diet and exercise

I had high chelesterol. It was still high even on low dose anticholesterol meds so I stopped eating eggs, maybe eat an omelette once in a week. My Dr told me to limit my egg consumption. Also I am using Metamucil Fiber supplement. Soluble fiber is known to reduce cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar preventing diabetes. Now my cholesterol is in the lower normal range, maybe my Dr will take me off meds. Avoid Bacon too, too much cholesterol and fat. I don’t eat bacon at all.

My blood pressure went down too, 155/110 to 128/80.

The Dr was happy that I am using a fiber supplement and he said it does help. It won’t help as much as meds but it does help.

I’ve been on statins for years and they seem to be doing the job. Before I had high cholesterol whereas latest bloodwork it’s all good.

I’ve had high cholesterol as long as I’ve been on ap meds, I use fiber supplement, multivitamins, exercise, diet. One day it will be under control.

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Vegetarian except maybe Turkey, chicken, fish. No dairy. Maybe just lowfat yogurt.

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