Good Media Representation?

Do y’all have any suggestions of positive media (books, movies, tv shows, graphic novels, etc) depicting a character with schizophrenia/schizoaffective?

I read a manga recently that was a relatable depiction of schizoaffective (from my perspective the character isn’t explicitly diagnosed as anything) but the character was a very abusive person, and it made me feel guilty to be relating to such a bad person in any form.

”The hours” (book, movie) the main character has voices, but the movie is more about depression.

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Theres a non fiction book called recovered, not cured by a guy i cant remember the name of. If you google it it shoulf come up. Best sz biography ive read.
Theres a couple movies that are good representations like words on bathroom walls and silver linings playbook. Although playbook is centred on a guy with bipolar.

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