"Healing Schizoaffective" book

Let me preface this by saying this guy uses homeopathic medicine to “heal” his mental disorder. So please take this book and his story with a grain of salt.

I’m curious, though, if anyone has read: Healing Schizoaffective: A Firsthand Look at the Illness and How I Beat It! by Joshua Alexander? At the very least, it seems like an inspirational story that can give us hope!

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Oh dear. :roll_eyes:


People with psychotic disorders can go through periods of good mental health without meds only to relapse later. This is likely the case in the story. I think he still needs real meds to keep his sza at bay


I was thinking about that too. I wonder how long he has been in “remission” so to speak.

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Yeah. I agree 1515

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this book just arrived wow I haven’t opened it yet though Im a little nervous

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Let us know what you think!! I’m sure it’ll be uplifting and hopeful at the very least.

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