Book Recommendations?

Does anyone have any favorite books that they think have helped them with their illness? I am not particularly interested in religious books although I think those help a lot of people too. Also not sure I am that interested in biographical accounts like “Beautiful Mind.” If you look at the thread “My cheat sheet” you can see the list of the books I liked…

There is a lot of info out there and I am just trying to get to the good stuff more quickly.

Johnathan Livingston Seagull. It is about the length of a children’s book, but believe me. It is powerful.

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I did not get a handle on this all by myself. I needed a vast amount of help from my family. So I’ve begun reading books about how healthy siblings deal will an ill one. It’s like being on the outside and looking in.

My kid sisters favorite book is “hidden victims, hidden healers” by Julie Tallard Johnson

If you want light hearted reading that has nothing to do with SZ, I like terry pratchett the best. He makes me laugh.

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Thanks I will check it out… I don’t think I have read a fable or allegory since “Who Moved My Cheese” which I thought was only so-so.

Cool… I can get the J.T. Johnson book used on Amazon pretty cheaply.

Terry Pratchett looks pretty good too>… Thanks!

Hey SZ brethren,

The only book I ever purchased while I was interested in buying a book for SZA knowledge was a book called “Into the Schizoaffective Mind” by Jesse Westendorf.

When mental illness binds us in a cocoon and we are forced into darkness. It merely sets up an opportunity to emerge a stronger and more mature human being. -JW

It was a good read if your into authors depicting their own experience.

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Not schizophrenia-related but The Night Country by Loren Eiseley did alot for me. I tend to focus away from SZ.

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I just finished Brilliance by Marcus Sacky. It has people who are normals and others with special abilities. You should try it if you want fiction.

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My favorite book is called The Art of Happiness, by the Dalai Lama and a psychiatrist named Howard C. Cutler.

It uses Buddhist and modern psychological principles to teach the reader how to overcome the suffering in their lives. It really changes your thought processes.

Personally, it completely transformed my life. After a few months of practicing the principles, my severe depression lifted, my negative symptoms improved, and my relationships strengthened and deepened.

I highly recommend it!




I thought “Who Moved My Cheese” was a business book.

The Center Cannot Hold by Elyn Saks, Surviving schizophrenia 5th ed

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“Who Moved my Cheese” is kind of a biz book… but it really is more of an allegory about change illustrated by a bunch of humans and rats stuck in a big maze trying to find food… It’s a little strange but I guess it’s basic message is you have to know how to and be willing to adapt to changing circumstances.

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