Good quality books about mental illness/schizophrenia/and schizoaffective disorder

I’m looking for good quality books about coping with schizophrenia and mi. Especially schizoaffective disorder.

Can anyone recommend me some good titles?

I’ve read most of Surviving Schizophrenia, and I’ve read all of the following – the Eden Express, the Quiet Room, An Unquiet Mind.

I tried reading Rethinking Madness, but I find it rather dense/boring.

I also own Schizophrenia: A Blueprint for Recovery. I haven’t read all of this one though.

And if you think of anything else that’s good for people with sz/sza to read please feel free post the title of that as well. (Memoirs, fiction, etc).

Thank you for reading, :v:.


Look at the homepage of there are few book suggestion…can u do that…!!!


I actually just got finished reading a book by Elyn saks a few days ago. It’s about her life with schizophrenia, and her life leading up to it. I enjoyed seeing her perspective on it, I’ll look up the title. Edit: it’s called “The center cannot hold” and it’s by Elyn Saks.


Thank you for the recommendation @redanne.

I’ve heard really good things about this book.

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No problem. If I remember correctly, the beginning was kind of slow, but once you get past that it’s a great book in my opinion.

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Very cool.

It’s only about six dollars on Amazon.

A Beautiful Mind by Sylvia Nasar
There’s also a movie called a beautiful mind which is really good but the only wrong thing it is from the book is that in the movie it’s visual hallucinations instead of the auditory that John Nash was experiencing but it made the movie better doing it that way lol. Haven’t read the book yet but I will this week but I absolutely love the movie and can totally relate to it.


I’ve heard about this book and the John Nash story.

I saw the movie a long time ago and I really enjoyed it.

This is another good recommendation, thank you @SailorTheFox59.


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The Shock Of The Fall - It is a fictional book though but I found it very insightful and the author is actually a mental health nurse.


Rethinking madness is not a good quality book.

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I agree @zeno. Aside from it being dense, I think it’s fairly deceiving in it’s claims to be helpful.

I suppose I should’ve clarified that in my original thread.

While the alternative therapy model works for some, it’s not a panacea for everyone with Sz/Sza.

That is why I am seeking higher quality books to cope with my illness.

In fact I just realized as I wrote that sometimes the most essential medicine has to come from within.

Meds, pdocs, therapy, Tai Chi, yoga, books (etc. etc.) All these kinds of things help.

But I really just need to accept my diagnosis and move on in my life.

Sorry for the novel, I’m in a weird place today mentally. And I just need to vent somewhere.

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The quiet room and the center can not hold were both really good.


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