Good luck with a divorce

It has been exactly 16 years since my divorce hearing in the USA, I never showed up in the divorce trial, I escaped to the streets of America, never to return any longer, good luck with that divorce, never received any divorce papers. Living on another side of the world :wink:

I’d be careful. Your ex-partner might find you and hit you with an alimony payment.

Haha, I doubt that, although I donated sperm many years we did not have any children, and then she was a Vice President of one firm. Hahaha

I celebrated this day by drinking some good coffee and enjoying few good doughnuts.

My divorce was very destabilizing/stressful.

My attorney wanted me to go to court (she wanted the big money)

I was too “sick” mentally to go to court.

I don’t blame you for escaping. I had an ugly divorce. No money, but a custody battle that lasted 2.5 years. Without my parents support I wouldn’t have made it. That was (started) 21 years ago. I should have coffee and donuts!

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